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Oct 13, 2013


That is good to hear about your week and wedding planning. Did you make a cardboard cutout of me for some of the pictures? hahaha It is coming up pretty fast! I am excited for them. Also good to hear you and Jenna are doing good at running. The  best way to get in better shape is to control what you eat and be active. Keep it up!! Copper 3 when I get home??? 

That quote by Elder Holland was pretty good. I agree with that very much! I think the best thing I have learned so far dealing with hard things is to just stay positive. Life is not easy and it is not supposed to be. Why complain to make things worse? 

This week was pretty good! We had zone conference which was amazing! The President and the Assistants gave a good training session on how to see more miracles. The main principle that we learned was to use faith! We also learned ways we can show our faith. Fasting, prayer, study, and working hard and being obedient 100% of the time. It was a really good meeting. Afterward, they fed us a huge lunch. Rice, beans, and meat. hahaha like every day but they had pineapple and salad too. Its a good thing I like beans and rice. I can thank Jordan for getting me integrated into beans and rice everyday. 

President Kuceki also talked to us at our zone conference about how we need to always be happy and excited! It makes people want to listen to us. 

1)  When did you see the Lords hand in your life this week, or recognize a tender mercy?

I see the Lords hand every minute of the day. This is His work so He has a hand in our work. This week we had a cool experience. We were teaching a couple that just live together and they have 2 little kids. They talked about how they like to party and smoke and drink... But this is our purpose: To invite others to come unto Christ. During the lesson Elder Batista got a phone call and left the room so I started talking to them about how long they have known each other. He said that they had been together for over 5 years, but next year they will get married. The woman got wide eyed and said that this was the first time that he had said that. He said `´yep, I want to get married.` 

We are also having a lot of success with Mateus. He is progressing a lot. Even his family says that they can see a difference in him ever since we have been teaching him. After we baptize him this sunday, I really want to work on his family. 

2)  What is the city you live in like?  What is your apartment like?  Do you take pictures?  I hope you do, they'll help you remember things better later on. 

I am in Goiania. I am in an area of the city called Jardim Nova Esperanca. This is where we live, but we have a lot more ^Jardims`` in our area. A Jardim is like a neighborhood. Did you get the letter that had the pictures of my apartment? I hope so... 

3)  Is your ward very big?  Do you have to give talks/lessons very often?  Do you mostly work with less actives, or finding new people to teach?

Our ward is huge in area! We are working on strengthening the members because we are getting ready to divide the ward. I think it will happen soon but we are not sure when. We dont give talks every sunday. But I have gotten up to bare my testimony. And right now, we are trying to work as much as we can with less actives and recent converts. Normally they are less active because their whole family isn't a member. So we go in, strengthen the less actives, baptize the non members and then we have a strong family. That is the plan. We are working with a few families right now with this. 

As for the companion, all is well. When I stay positive and focus on the good things, I forget/dont see the bad things. 

I am taking pictures. I will send more. I want to write a letter today to send. Hopefully time allows. Our Pdays are always busy. Last week we went to the center of Goiania to a park and ate Burger King. There was subway, Mcdonalds, and all these other American food places. It was funny. It tasted the same. 

One more thing, This week I got to participate in one of those Mormon Helping hands things. Where everyone wears a yellow vest. We went to a retirement home and just talked with everyone there. It was pretty fun to see all the primary kids, youth, and adults help these old people out. It was a good experience. We passed out a lot of copies of The Book of Mormon. My camera died, but Elder Moffitt got some good pictures. 

And I don't think we celebrate halloween or thanksgiving....

Thank you all for writing me! It shows that I am well loved!! hahaha
Hope all goes well this week! Good luck with all the wedding planning! 

I love you all very much!

Elder Wild

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