Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


You need to check facebook! 
This week was crazy. We found a house and we signed the contract and everything. The branch will start meeting there as soon as the mission sends chairs and a table which will hopefully be this week. It is a way sweet house! It has a pool, bbq, and a soccer field! It is way nice. 

Its a cool story how we found this house. The branch president found this house a few months ago, but the owner was only selling and not renting it. The church wont buy a house because they will buy land and build a chapel when the time is right and the numbers are good and constant. So they would not rent it to us because they just wanted to sell it. (a few months ago). The branch president had a dream about the house and so he went and told the owner about his dream. The owner was in the process of selling the house. (he was closing a contract on the house that week) But the Spirit touched him and he said that this seems like a good reason to rent the house to us. 

President Kuceki came here a few days ago to check it out. He brought the packages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahhahahah Thank you so much!! I loved everything! I opened all the envelopes already! The quotes were awesome! I will guard this the whole mission! I loved the duck dynasty tshirt too! Sooo cool! Ties also!!! And I loved the book with all the pictures of our ward friends! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!! I shed a tear or two. hahahha 

I think I will make the cake today hopefully. We will see. Or wait till our baptism this week. We have been working with this one woman a long time. She wants to get baptized but she hadn't had that strong impression yet. One night she woke up in the middle of the night and prayed if this church was true. That night she dreamed of the 3 witnesses. Pretty awesome!!!!! 

I was worried about you guys this week. I know it was a long drive and a lot of stuff this week, but I prayed a lot for you  guys. I am glad you made it there safe and sound. 

Well this morning was sort of crazy. We called the assistants in Goiania this morning and they said that I will be emergency transferred on thursday.... But I am sure the Lord has a good plan for me. 

Well have a good time unpacking! I am sure it will be lots of fun! Keep working hard because good things will come!
LOVe Elder Wild
Thank you again for the packages!! 
A member in our ward gave us some coconuts. The water in them is really good. 

Here is a picture of the pay phones here. pretty cool huh! 

Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

I imagine that this week/ these last few days have been super fast and stressful. I will log off with a few minutes left so that I can log on later to see how your week went. 

This week we didn't have a cell phone because our chip broke. so we just used the pay phone to call and report our day. I have never used a pay phone until this week. alot of times we would be talking and the phone would use power, so then we would have to go find another one. 

This week we found 24 new investigators. Of them 8 went to church. Alot of people here will recieve us and will not deny us to enter, but they dont want to change their lifestyle. This one man that we found and taught this week was super interesting. We told him to be ready  by 8:30am for us to come by and pick him up. We showed up at 845 and he didnt want to go because we didnt keep our time. But he hadnt been reading or praying so it was a shocker to us. 

We also have been contacting some of the old investigators and they have been doing surprisingly well. This one woman said that she had been praying and everything but she still hadn't received an answer. that night she dreamed about the 3 witnesses. It was pretty cool. this week I read about the 3 witnesses and how they all went in active, but they never denied seeing the plates. 

I hope that you all make it to Idaho safe and sound. sounds like you will be traveling today or some time this week. Have a super safe travel! I will be praying for you. 

That sounds awesome about moab. When we were there me and Brady wished that we could drive an atv or something with a motor when we were riding bikes with the young men. I think that is where Brady developed a love for pedaling. hahaha  It was a pretty good week. A good pday too. Again I am way excited for you guys on the move. It should be a blast. Are you guys packing away the camp trailer too? or is that going to stay in Colorado? I am sure ID will have a lot of good places to camp. I have heard that it is really pretty there and has lots of mountains. You can also visit rexburg and camp at the sand dunes. Those are pretty fun! I remember a lot of weekends out there jumping off the dunes or sledding down them. I am sure you have a blast. 

I am learning a lot from my companion. Especially to not take no for an answer. hahah. It is super funny. At first I would tell them that they just dont want to hear our message, but he told me that we have to get rejected at least 2 times. It is pretty funny when we are marking baptism dates. He is really good at showing the importance of being baptized in the true church. Everyday I learn. 

My time is short, but I love you all and I sent Jenna a little something. Because I cant use my card in the post office, I have to pay with cash. So I used my wells card to buy groceries, and then used the money to send cards. Being in a tourist town, groceries are pretty expensive, so I had the Wells Fargo help me out a bit. 

I hope you guys have a good week. 
Safe drive too!! 
I will be praying for you guys! 
take lots of pictures!
Love Elder Wild

Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014


This week was pretty good. We traveled to Goiania this week for transfers and to have a mission conference. I think that you will get a photo in your email. It was pretty good. Elder Cruz (of the seventy) talked about how the things we learn on the mission will prepare us for everything in life. Then the transfer meeting came. My area was the last area to be talked about so my heart was pounding pretty hard the whole time. My new companion is from Belem. Elder Srur. (brazilian) He is really awesome. He has 1 year and 9 months so he is almost finishing, but he is a great missionary. He is also an assistant to the president so that is pretty cool to be his companion to learn stuff from him. Everyday I learn a lot. 

We worked super hard this week when we returned to caldas novas. We found 24 new investigators, but none of them went to church. They were all sleeping and wouldn't wake up to our whistling and yelling and clapping. haha I don't think they are ready.

We taught this one group of boys this week. The second we walked in their house it was just the smell of pot. I thought o great, but you never know, everyone needs to be invited to repent. We committed them to all come to church on Sunday. On the follow up lesson we taught the word of wisdom. We talked about the things that are bad for our body. Then we asked if they wanted our help to live this commandment by taking all their substances in their house and throwing them away. They accepted our help! We asked for their cigarettes, they gave them to us, we asked them if they had weed, but they said they didn't.... I didn't believe them, but didn't want to fight this battle. We asked if they read the pamphlet on the restoration we gave to them. They pulled it from under the sofa and said this one? it had pieces ripped out of it. (it was obvious that they used the paper to role their marijuana cigarettes) we just invited them to church, then left. it was a good experience. 

This sunday we had splits to bring our investigators to church. Elder Srur went with a dad in the ward (Jovelino) and I went with his son Tiago. It was super fun. He is 23 and has autism to a pretty high degree. I am not saying this as a joke, just to describe the situation. He cant count to 10 and has the intelligence of a 5 year old. But it was so fun to look for investigators. We would arrive in the front of a house and he would just shout wake up! wake up! come to church! It was awesome!! 

Also this week we had a cool experience. There was a man that moved here and is a member. Because we are just a branch, there is nothing on the church site that says that we exist. So he was asking everyone in the city if they heard of us. He got the prompting to just wait. We were on the same street on this moment, but a few blocks ahead walking the opposite direction going towards an appointment. We got the prompting to turn around and walk towards the center of Caldas Novas. As we were walking down this street there was a man standing there and I got the prompting to talk to him. As soon as he turned around and saw us he couldn't speak. He was so happy. He just showed us his temple recommend. haha it was a really cool experience! He was there on sunday and super happy to be a part of this branch. 

Well I am really excited for you guys to move! It should be fun. Always remember to have a happy attitude. even when you are dead tired. No one want to work with grumpy people. hahahaha. Sounds like the Bishop is a real nice guy. Dont be afraid to let them help you. It will be a blessing for them just as much as it will be for you. 

Congrats Jayson and Spencer on your Eagle! Every American on the mission has his Eagle! Way to Go

Have a super good week and know that I am praying for you all! 

Love you all 

Elder Wild

Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014

Oi família! 

This week was another good week. My companion was still sick this week so we spent a few afternoons in the house. But on the positive side I downloaded loads of talks to listen to. I listened to the Work of Salvation, many talks by Elder Holland, The Christmas devotional. And studied a lot! It was nice and I learned a lot. This week I hope he will be a lot better. He has a gastrite in his stomach. It has spread pretty far. But that med. should help him out. 

Also this week, started Carnival. It is a week long event of just not good stuff. So we returned to our house early a few nights to evade the stuff of the world. Especially because we are in a tourist town. But so far we havent seen any problems. It sure shows that Heavenly Father is watching over us. 

This sunday was super super cool! We got a call from the school at 6:40 am Sunday morning that we could not meet at the school because they had an (activity) going on. So we scrambled to find a member to meet in their house. We waited in front of the school to advise everyone that the meeting was moved to another location. Turns out the (activity) was a little rock concert that the Baptist Church was having for their church. hahaha but the spirit was still strong in the house of the member. We had good attendance, and it was a really good testimony meeting. 

Remember that man that we found they other day that was praying to find the church here? Well it turns out that there is another part to this story. A recent convert bore her testimony and said that her mom said that she could no longer attend church because it was too long of a walk to walk alone and they would not give her a ride. That week, we found this couple that had been looking for the church and they live just down the street. It was pretty cool! 

That is really exciting that you guys got a quick offer on the house. I hope and pray that they will accept your offer on the house in ID. It sure is pretty. I see that it has a nice 3rd car garage, for my bike shop. hahaha I liked the garden too. Maybe there will be a spot to sneek a hot tub in. hahaha. I hope you will be ready for the ID winter. With a coat it will be pretty enjoyable. Hope all goes well. Your bathroom looks really good too! I am way proud of you guys! You could definately go in to remodeling bathrooms professionaly. 

Hope all is well! I love you all and have an awesome week! 

Elder Wild

photo caption : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Visitors Welcome. haha

March 10, 2014

Minha família querida, 

This week was pretty good. We helped this man that we taught a long time ago. We thought that he wasn't progressing and he moved super far, but then we thought that we should stop by and visit him. Before, he had a huge smoking problem. But now, he doesn't smoke at all. It is pretty cool to see the change in people. He is a lot more happy and he is very excited for his baptism. IT will probably be in a few weeks because he is having trouble going to church.... but it is another problem that we get to work through. 

Transfers have already come! This transfer flew by really quick. My companion is being transferred. It will be really interesting. 6 weeks is not enough time to know the city completely, but I am sure I will remember how to get around fine. 

Your question about the world cup, it is in June. I really don't know how the work will go well during this time. Here everyone loves soccer and nothing gets in the way of their team playing and them watching. Sadly enough going to church is one of those things. But we will cross that bridge when it comes. 

We have a lot of new ideas for the church here. As you saw our chapel isn't a real welcoming place, but it is what we have to deal with for now. This week we looked at a lot of houses that are being sold so that we rent them for the church. We found a few good ones. It is a harder process than I thought. You have to think about every aspect in buying a house for the church. Enough space, rooms, bathrooms, baptismal font, locations.... I am hoping that we will find and rent by the end of this week. after that the church will send a lot of stuff, computers, hymn books, manuals, and all the other stuff for a chapel. 

This week I will get to pick up your package that you sent! we are going their for transfers and for a mission tour. Elder cruz will be there. He is one of the 70. It should be pretty cool.

Well time is crunching. I hope all is well and I love all of you! Have a good week. 

LOVE elder wild
the photos: one is of the young men/young women in the branch, one is of a new type of music that we heard this week in a baptist church. hahaha and the other is of a Christus that I saw. I wasn't sure that I sent it to you