Monday, March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


You need to check facebook! 
This week was crazy. We found a house and we signed the contract and everything. The branch will start meeting there as soon as the mission sends chairs and a table which will hopefully be this week. It is a way sweet house! It has a pool, bbq, and a soccer field! It is way nice. 

Its a cool story how we found this house. The branch president found this house a few months ago, but the owner was only selling and not renting it. The church wont buy a house because they will buy land and build a chapel when the time is right and the numbers are good and constant. So they would not rent it to us because they just wanted to sell it. (a few months ago). The branch president had a dream about the house and so he went and told the owner about his dream. The owner was in the process of selling the house. (he was closing a contract on the house that week) But the Spirit touched him and he said that this seems like a good reason to rent the house to us. 

President Kuceki came here a few days ago to check it out. He brought the packages!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahhahahah Thank you so much!! I loved everything! I opened all the envelopes already! The quotes were awesome! I will guard this the whole mission! I loved the duck dynasty tshirt too! Sooo cool! Ties also!!! And I loved the book with all the pictures of our ward friends! THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!! I shed a tear or two. hahahha 

I think I will make the cake today hopefully. We will see. Or wait till our baptism this week. We have been working with this one woman a long time. She wants to get baptized but she hadn't had that strong impression yet. One night she woke up in the middle of the night and prayed if this church was true. That night she dreamed of the 3 witnesses. Pretty awesome!!!!! 

I was worried about you guys this week. I know it was a long drive and a lot of stuff this week, but I prayed a lot for you  guys. I am glad you made it there safe and sound. 

Well this morning was sort of crazy. We called the assistants in Goiania this morning and they said that I will be emergency transferred on thursday.... But I am sure the Lord has a good plan for me. 

Well have a good time unpacking! I am sure it will be lots of fun! Keep working hard because good things will come!
LOVe Elder Wild
Thank you again for the packages!! 
A member in our ward gave us some coconuts. The water in them is really good. 

Here is a picture of the pay phones here. pretty cool huh! 

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