Monday, March 24, 2014

March 24, 2014

I imagine that this week/ these last few days have been super fast and stressful. I will log off with a few minutes left so that I can log on later to see how your week went. 

This week we didn't have a cell phone because our chip broke. so we just used the pay phone to call and report our day. I have never used a pay phone until this week. alot of times we would be talking and the phone would use power, so then we would have to go find another one. 

This week we found 24 new investigators. Of them 8 went to church. Alot of people here will recieve us and will not deny us to enter, but they dont want to change their lifestyle. This one man that we found and taught this week was super interesting. We told him to be ready  by 8:30am for us to come by and pick him up. We showed up at 845 and he didnt want to go because we didnt keep our time. But he hadnt been reading or praying so it was a shocker to us. 

We also have been contacting some of the old investigators and they have been doing surprisingly well. This one woman said that she had been praying and everything but she still hadn't received an answer. that night she dreamed about the 3 witnesses. It was pretty cool. this week I read about the 3 witnesses and how they all went in active, but they never denied seeing the plates. 

I hope that you all make it to Idaho safe and sound. sounds like you will be traveling today or some time this week. Have a super safe travel! I will be praying for you. 

That sounds awesome about moab. When we were there me and Brady wished that we could drive an atv or something with a motor when we were riding bikes with the young men. I think that is where Brady developed a love for pedaling. hahaha  It was a pretty good week. A good pday too. Again I am way excited for you guys on the move. It should be a blast. Are you guys packing away the camp trailer too? or is that going to stay in Colorado? I am sure ID will have a lot of good places to camp. I have heard that it is really pretty there and has lots of mountains. You can also visit rexburg and camp at the sand dunes. Those are pretty fun! I remember a lot of weekends out there jumping off the dunes or sledding down them. I am sure you have a blast. 

I am learning a lot from my companion. Especially to not take no for an answer. hahah. It is super funny. At first I would tell them that they just dont want to hear our message, but he told me that we have to get rejected at least 2 times. It is pretty funny when we are marking baptism dates. He is really good at showing the importance of being baptized in the true church. Everyday I learn. 

My time is short, but I love you all and I sent Jenna a little something. Because I cant use my card in the post office, I have to pay with cash. So I used my wells card to buy groceries, and then used the money to send cards. Being in a tourist town, groceries are pretty expensive, so I had the Wells Fargo help me out a bit. 

I hope you guys have a good week. 
Safe drive too!! 
I will be praying for you guys! 
take lots of pictures!
Love Elder Wild

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