Monday, March 10, 2014

March 10th, 2014

Oi família! 

This week was another good week. My companion was still sick this week so we spent a few afternoons in the house. But on the positive side I downloaded loads of talks to listen to. I listened to the Work of Salvation, many talks by Elder Holland, The Christmas devotional. And studied a lot! It was nice and I learned a lot. This week I hope he will be a lot better. He has a gastrite in his stomach. It has spread pretty far. But that med. should help him out. 

Also this week, started Carnival. It is a week long event of just not good stuff. So we returned to our house early a few nights to evade the stuff of the world. Especially because we are in a tourist town. But so far we havent seen any problems. It sure shows that Heavenly Father is watching over us. 

This sunday was super super cool! We got a call from the school at 6:40 am Sunday morning that we could not meet at the school because they had an (activity) going on. So we scrambled to find a member to meet in their house. We waited in front of the school to advise everyone that the meeting was moved to another location. Turns out the (activity) was a little rock concert that the Baptist Church was having for their church. hahaha but the spirit was still strong in the house of the member. We had good attendance, and it was a really good testimony meeting. 

Remember that man that we found they other day that was praying to find the church here? Well it turns out that there is another part to this story. A recent convert bore her testimony and said that her mom said that she could no longer attend church because it was too long of a walk to walk alone and they would not give her a ride. That week, we found this couple that had been looking for the church and they live just down the street. It was pretty cool! 

That is really exciting that you guys got a quick offer on the house. I hope and pray that they will accept your offer on the house in ID. It sure is pretty. I see that it has a nice 3rd car garage, for my bike shop. hahaha I liked the garden too. Maybe there will be a spot to sneek a hot tub in. hahaha. I hope you will be ready for the ID winter. With a coat it will be pretty enjoyable. Hope all goes well. Your bathroom looks really good too! I am way proud of you guys! You could definately go in to remodeling bathrooms professionaly. 

Hope all is well! I love you all and have an awesome week! 

Elder Wild

photo caption : The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Visitors Welcome. haha

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