Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27, 2014

oi família! 

This week was super good and went by super fast. I found out this week that I will leave my first area! I am a little sad, I like the members and we have some super good investigators but it is always exciting to meet more people and try new things. I don't know where yet, but I will find out on wed.

I respond to the questions first, that family with the three boys................... its a rough story. moral of the story NEVER FORGET TO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES, PRAY AND GO TO CHURCH EVERY WEEK! This provides a huge spiritual strength for families. We tried everything to help this family, but the thing was they just didnt want to. The were strong for a few weeks after the baptism in oct. but you need to do these things daily in order to stay strong. 

1)  Do the people in Goiania travel to the temple very often?  Does anyone get married in the temple?  Or is it just a lifelong wish of theirs to go one day?  Whenever I even think about complaining how far our temple is, I realize that MANY people will never be able to get there to seal their families.  So I wondered how it is where you are at.  

They have a bus that goes 14 hours to the temple in Campinas every other month ish... It is about 100 dollars. So it is possible and people go there a lot, it is just really hard. If people can get there 2 times a year things are good. WE are very blessed. Many people do get the opportunity to go to the temple and get sealed. 

2)  What was your favorite scripture this week?  Why?

I have been reading in Alma this week and I really like chapter 26. It talks about how the Lords hand is in his work. It relates a lot to our work today. 

3)  What do you remember most about your CTM experience?  What did you learn from your companion there that has helped you in the mission field?  

I remember being excited to leave... ahhahahaha I liked the studing and the devos but it was hard being in one place for 6 weeks. it was necessary and I learned a lot, but the field is millions times better. 

I think the most valuable thing I learned there was that you need to teach by the Spirit no matter what. When I arrived in the field we had those memorized lessons and my companions just teach the same thing. I can almost quote what they are going to say in every lesson.hahaha super annoying at times. but I learned to teach for the needs of the investigators there at the CTM. And to really bring them in to what you are teaching by asking a lot of questions. This is a concept that I want to use more and more.

This week we were super rushed because we had to get ready for this baptism. We saw many miracles because of praying for our investigators and for the investigators of our district. It was really cool. I made cookies the night before the baptism and had a little party in their house. It got them really excited for their baptism. They showed up on sunday morning super excited to be baptized. Everything went perfect. This was  a cool miracle of praying: People in Brazil generally dont wear a whole lot of clothes so every time we go over there to teach this woman something, we have to keep our eyes high... hahaha but we were going to teach the law of chasity the following day and I was really worried about offending her, or embaresing her in the moment. So I prayed that she would be wearing modest clothes the following day. The following day she was wearing jeans and a long sleave shirt. hahaha. She has been doing well ever since. 

Well time is short because of being super rushed this week, but know that I am doing well and am happy! I am sad to leave the area, but I am excited to get into a new one. Have a super good week! I love you all! 

And thank you very much for the birthday wishes. 

I heard that the mission office has about 50 packages there. So wed I think I will get the Christmas package! Just in time for my birthday! haha 

Love you all lots! 

Elder Wild

Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Oi família!!

I am glad that you liked those talks. They sure are good! That was so awesome to hear about that miracle from Jenna. It is proof that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. 

This week we have been teaching a lot and have been viewing a lot of miracles. We marked a wedding date for 3 couples this week. In 30 days they will be married, then baptized the day after! Nearly my whole time here in this area I have been working with all these families and finally we are seeing the fruits. This Sunday was also filled with miracles. Normally we have to go wake up people to come to church early in the morning and help them get there, but this Sunday we just prayed that all our investigators would have the desire to come to church on their own will. This Sunday we had 9 people in the chapel! It was way awesome! Our zone last week had 42 investigators in the chapel and 47 the week before! It has been really cool to see this work moving along. 

In the mtc and before the mission I always thought that Brazil would just be a walk in the park mission. Just knock some doors, teach, and people would just flock to the church. hahahahahahahahaha 

This video is a good response to my thought.

This mission is not easy, but it is not supposed to be. I am so grateful for every trial here because I learn so much from everything and everyone. I always have to think of `what do I need to learn from this trial?` 

This week was super rushed for the baptism of a single mom so we didn't have time to make our 100 contacts during the week. So we did almost 100 on Sunday. We would go to bus stops and just invite people to come to church and/or hear a message. Every time we ask if they want to hear a message in their home, an excuse always comes out. But there is always that one that will let us in. We also saw a miracle this week in doing the 100 contacts per missionary. Two Sundays in a row a man would come to church, then leave right after it was done. We finally stopped him and asked to go to his house to share a message with him. It turns out that he went to church because some missionary stopped him one day and invited him to make a visit to church. We taught him the plan of salvation yesterday and they asked to be baptized before we could even invite them. The only thing is that they need to get married. But we will mark a date with them to get married this weekend. 

The marriage process is hard here. You have to go to this marriage business and pay R$180 then wait 30 days to be married. If you want to be married on a weekend or in a church it is more expensive. This is a big reason why so many people just live together and don't get married. 

Hope all goes well this week and thanks for sending the birthday package! I will look forward to it! I am sure the Christmas package will come on my birthday. Or sometime this year. hahahaha 

Love you all! have a great day

elder wild

ps. my shoes aren't going to last much longer. I gave them to a guy to put some new soles on them. I figure for a $120 dollar shoe $15 dollars is a pretty good price to get some new soles. I will pick them up later this week.

Jan 12, 2014

This week went pretty quick. We had two days of divisions. The first day was with our district leader. The second one was cool because I went on a division with an elder in our zone that arrived here in Dec. He reported to the MTC the same day as I did, but he served in Salt Lake for a few months. It was fun being companions with an american for a day. We talked a lot in English. haha It was funny because when I would go up and ask someone a question I would ask in English first. But I broke the habit quick. We also listened to some great talks. He said that the good thing about doing splits with him, is that he always listens to talks. They are AMAZING! They really gave me an understanding on how real the great apostasy was. 

This one is about why the Lord waited nearly 2000 years to restore the gospel. It is super good!! Here is a link. If you go to the link you will be taken to a blog. and in the blog, you can download the talk and listen to it. 

another one we listened to is super good about the conversion story of a boy. I didn't get to finish it. I just listened to an audio version. I am not able to watch the youtube link, but here is the link for it. 

I haven't gotten the Christmas package yet, but don't worry it will come. Probably around my birthday! haha. That's cool you finished painting the basement, you will have to send some pictures. 

It is also funny that you asked about our apartment. We just moved houses this week. We moved to the back of the lot (to the house above the lot). The owners of the lot renovated and let us move up there. It is really nice. We have a balcony too which is nice. Today we will get everything in order and I will send pictures later. We want to teach them pretty soon also. 

Someone died this week on our street and they had a huge funeral for him or her. A few days later we passed by their house and asked if they wanted to hear a message on how families can live together for eternity. We haven't gotten the chance to teach them but hopefully this week. 

 On the day I was on splits with the other elder that just arrived we taught a lot that day. We went to a park and just sat down with everyone that wanted to hear a message and we just taught them in the park. We focused a lot on teaching by the spirit and teaching them something they need to hear. We kept the lessons really short, like 20 min. And we always invited them to baptism at the end of our message. They always accepted, but when you mark a date, they get uneasy. It was so fun. we found a lot of good people to teach. IT was really funny too because Elder Bennion is a super tall american from Logan, Utah. He looks super old too. but he is only a few months younger than me. But because he is learning the language, he talks really slow and really slurred. (like a drunk guy) haha and he is super tall so he would go up to people and they would get freaked out, but once they figured out who we were they felt better. But the thing I learned most from this split, is that these short messages are the best because we get them thinking and the spirit is strong, and then we leave and let the spirit testify of these things.  Elder Bennion said that he did this in the Salt Lake south mission and they had a lot more baptisms and success with these 20 minute lessons. 

I learned a lot this week in PMG: the importance of teaching by the spirit and not following the same lesson plan every time. It talks about teaching by the spirit. It is one of the most important things on  the mission. Being under the complete companionship of the Spirit. 

We had a baptism this week which was pretty cool. It almost didn't happen but we worked things out. We are also teaching a good number of people which has been nice. We haven't knocked doors in about 2 weeks. 

This week I had a small head ache after the splits so I took some ibuprofen in my first aid kit, but I didn't read the label right. It was a sleep aid type thing. I was waiting for a bus in the terminal and I fell asleep standing up and when I got on the bus I fell asleep really quick. The other missionaries had fun taking pictures of me sleeping. It was a rough few hours but after that I felt a lot better and didn't have a head ache. hahaha

When you go to the temple this week, pray to know of who you can invite to hear the gospel from the missionaries. I know that there are people ready to have the blessing of the Restored Gospel in their lives. Especially after hearing these two talks, it got me really excited to share the restored gospel, and to find someone that really is ready for these messages. You sure can see God´s hand in His work. 

Well its time to close up here pretty quick, but I love you all and thank you for all your prayers! 

Thank you for being such a strong family too! 


Elder Wild

Jan 5th, 2014


I am glad you miss me. I miss you guys too. But don't worry I am still keeping focus! This week I worked on only thinking about missionary work. It improves my spirit a lot. 

  How many contacts are you making?

Our goal for each week is to make 200 contacts for every companionship. 100 each. 

  How many Lessons are you doing a week?

enough lessons to have investigators in the chapel every week. 

   Are you giving out a lot of copies of the  Book of Mormon?

We really listen to the spirit when giving a Book of Mormon out. Everyone will accept, but we want to know who will actually read. 

     Are you helping anyone getting baptized?

Yes, we are working on a few families and a few individuals. This month will be good for baptisms and making this ward bigger. 

So I hit the 6 month mark the other day. It goes fast!

have a good week! I will see about buying shirts this week. 


elder wild
Thanks for sending the pictures. It was really good to see you guys having fun! I miss being cold! I really liked the photo of everyone with the winter hats. I liked Jayson's hat the most. hahahahahaha. I am really glad that you had fun. I was thinking about all the good vacations that we have been on. I think my favorite so far was the one to Lake Powell with the houseboat. That was a blast. I am really glad that we did that last vacation in Denver to the temple and eating the Brazilian food.

Its also good to hear that you are going to pray for these missionary opportunities. I know that Heavenly Father will put someone in your way. It is my favorite to visit people that the members pass over to us because they always let us in and the lesson is always so much better. 

This week was awesome! We taught the plan of salvation every day. It is by far my favorite lesson to teach because it makes so much sense and it is awesome to teach everyone it. The spirit is always so strong because we talk about how with out Christ, we are not able to live in the presence of God. After the lesson we ask them what glory they want to live in. Everyone always says `Celestial´ and then we ask ´What do you need to do to get to this Kingdom`´ People always accept baptism after this lesson. 

This week I have also been giving all my spare time at night and in the morning to read conference talks. I have learned so much from these talks and I love being able to share this modern revelation with people. The talks in these conferences are just as important as the scriptures. I told the young men in our ward on Sunday that my testimony was strengthened a lot because I attended/listened to conference and studied the talks afterwards. Reading these talks is very helpful. 

This week we found a family that had been going to church in another area for a few months but they didn't get baptized because they were not married. Just living together. (This was 8 years ago). She had read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and wanted to be baptized but couldn't. Just because my companion and I were being obedient and talking to everyone in the street, we found this family. They will be baptized this month. We also having been seeing lots of miracles from fasting. We have found really good investigators because of fasting. 

I don't have a lot of time this week, but I hope all is well. and HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! 
That is very exciting for you guys.... sorry its two emails.

I love you all very much! And I am grateful everyday for my family! 

Elder Wild 

Dec 30, 2013

Thank you for seeing my strong points. I will try to continue to have these throughout my life. Thank you also for working hard for me to be here. Dad, I know that you will be blessed for your hard work. I love you very much and I will pray for inspections. Never forget the power of faith and fasting. Hebrews 11 its a good chapter on faith. Also read chapter 7 in Moroni. It's a good one too. 

I think the best way is for me to buy the shirts here because I am able to buy them for cheaper. The value of the dollar is more than twice as high than the Reai (brazillian currency) So for a really good shirt that I buy here for R$35 I am paying $16. Thanks for everything! 

It was very nice talking to all of you on Christmas! I was so excited to be able to see you guys. It was also nice that the internet was working too! 

Good to hear you guys will have good snow at YMCA. It sure is pretty there. I am sure the cross country skiing will be good. Are you guys staying in the same place? Or are you going to upgrade to the yurt? haha

That's exciting that Ben leaves for Africa. That is way awesome! Wish him luck for me! 

It is not raining a whole lot here. This week we visited many members to get references from them. When we showed them the conference talks that talked about the members working with us, they realized that is is a commandment to spread the gospel and that this is what the Lord wants us as members to do right now. Don't be afraid to invite people to hear the most important message in the world. The general authorities aren't asking you to do everything. Just invite. And that is why we have missionaries to teach these people that members find. We will continue to talk to and invite everyone but the most important thing is that we work in the Lords way. And that way is through members. It also talks a lot about that in PMG. 

another gem

Just by talking about these talks we have found really good references from the members. 

It sounds like the missionaries there are a bit tough. But keep working with them. Because that's what they need. Show your love and gratitude for their service. Because no mission is easy. This will help them in being better missionaries. 

I loved talking to you guys! It was a super highlight for me! Have a great time with the family and enjoy the time you have together! 

have a good week and happy new year. Feliz ano novo
with lots of love, 

Elder Wild

Dec 22nd

Good to hear Jordan and Brooklyn made it in ok. This week was very rushed. We didn't get to teach a whole lot but it was a good week. We had another mission wide conference this week. Every missionary came to our chapel for our conference/mission party. It was way fun! We had a giant dinner and wrote letters to other missionaries in the mission for Christmas. After the Christmas party we had transfers. I am still here in Ala Ipiranga! hahaha. I like it here. It is a good ward. My companion stayed here as well. I was a little nervous getting transferred because then I wouldn't know any members but I am going to stay here.

I don't really know how Christmas is going to play out because our dinner is always during lunch. But I am sure everything will be fine. haha. I am fine with talking on the phone. It will just be a little pricey I'm guessing. I will try with skype first, then if that isn't working I can give you a number to call. 

These past few days I have been thinking of ways we can find more people to teach. It seems like at times we are just spinning in mud. We knock lots of doors, find some people to teach, but they don't want to make any commitments of going to church. This is the Lords work and we need to work His way. My question was answered this morning. For personal study, I read a talk in general conference by Elder S. Gifford Nielsen. It talked about how this is the time for the members to work with the missionaries. President Monson talked about this in the opening talk of general conference and it was talked about various times throughout the conference. I am super determined to work with the members. I know that it will be much more effective. And what better gift a member could give to Christ than to pass a reference to His servants? 

Yesterday our ward mission leader was talking to us about how we can get the members to give us more referrals. He said that we all made a covenant with God at baptism that we will stand as a testimony of Christ in all moments. (Mosiah 18:8-11) Now the Prophet is asking the members to work with the missionaries! This is the best gift that we can give to God this year, is to share the Restored Gospel. We have the most important message and we just need to open our mouths to share it. 

Christmas time is an exciting time to be a missionary because we are always thinking of ways to bring others unto Christ and how we can help people accept the gift of the Atonement. 

This week I talked with this woman that lived in England for 12 years. It was really hard to talk to her in English. I had to think of words to say. It is funny how I can just extend invites and teach easy in Portuguese, but when it comes time to talk in English, I cant think of what to say. Gift of Tongues. haha Don't worry it will only take 39 minutes to warm up when I talk to you guys on Christmas. hahaha Just kidding. I am sure I will be able to talk fine! 

well, Thanks for writing and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I love you all very much and wish the best! 


Elder Wild

I will call you guys via skype first around 6pm. our time(goiania time). So that is 1pm your time I think. If I cant find you on skype, I will email you around that time and figure out a way to talk. Cant wait! haha

Don't feel bad the package didn't get here in time... Because not very many people here in the mission get packages on Christmas time. But it will be a good surprise in a month or so!!!! hahaha 

Seriously!!!! DONT FEEL BAD! I AM HAPPY! 


Elder Wild

Dec 15th, 2013

Mom, family and all! 

Our zone had a bbq today. It was really good. Brazillians really know how to have a good bbq.
For the white handbook, we read 6 pages every morning as a companionship so we are pretty refreshed on the rules. They are good to follow. I know they are tied with blessings. I am pretty diligent in being 100% obedient. Its not too hard.
This week the bishop asked to talk with us. He wants us to work and spend more time the the young men. he wants them all to be ready to serve missions. He said that this is the reason he served a mission because he got to love missionary work. 
The ward is getting better with working with us. On Sunday I had 2 people come up to me and ask how they can help. That is the best question a missionary can hear.  Our sat. night session stake conference was on missionary work. for 2 hours! It really is necessary for the ward to help. 

I am really happy to receive your emails! This week was super good! We were able to baptize Valdivino and his family! It was a great feeling! Such a good feeling to complete a family. The thing that touched him was that he can receive the priesthood and that he can be sealed for eternity in the temple. His wife said that he needed to get baptized because their family is losing blessings. This was the highlight of the week. Before the baptism the mission choir sang Christmas songs and the spirit was super strong. 

I have to go now, but I am excited to talk to you guys! Sorry for the short email this week! 

I am pretty sure you can send that music cd of the piano guys! I am excited to listen to it! 

I haven't gotten your package this week! But I haven't seen the mission office in a while.
Have you gotten my package for Christmas?
I sent something, it is not super cool like Jordan used to send because the credit card machine at the póst office doesn't work so I had to send stuff with the cash I have.
This week the first presidency put out a new rule about calling home to family on christmas and mothers day. Now it is only mothers day.......

Just kidding hahahahaha! I would die and I know you would too if this were true.
but the new rule is that we can only talk for 40 minutes. 40 MINUTES. 40 MINUTES. it is a little sad because I remember talking to Jordan for almost 2 hours but rules are good to follow. they are tied with blessings. hahaha
but know that I love you very much! have an awesome week and next week we will get to  write longer!
also know that I am healthy, safe, and having a very good time and I am loving every part of my mission! I am SO thankful for all the people that helped me get here. all my scout, church, seminary, school teachers and leaders and all my friends and family.
Love you all!
Elder Wild

Dec 8th, 2013

Hey Grandma! hahahaha

Pretty crazy! I am having my doubts. This is the brother that sent me a fake mission call.... Did I recieve a fake wedding announcement tambem? 

But if its true... I am happy for them! 

I didnt see the Christmas devotional.... I didnt even hear that it was on. We had stake conference yesterday. That was really good! The sat. night session talked only about missionary work and how important members are. Now that I think about it, nearly all our baptisms are because of members! And all our current investigators are because of members. Only Roseli we found knocking doors. But we prayed about that road. So Dad... parabéns for your dedication in giving out invites to come to church. 10% of the population is ready to accept the gospel. It is up to us to find them. I am guessing you only have 2 or 4 missionaries in your ward. But you have a few hundred member missionaries. 

This week was pretty good! We are getting a couple ready for marrige, so they can be baptized. They are really cool! They went to church on Sunday and their 5 year old son said on Monday: Mom when are we going to church again? hahaha They are a neat family. They live far, but it is worth the travel every couple of days. 

We have been teaching Roseli and her family the recent convert lessons and they have been going well. The sisters in our area have been working with us. They have been working hard with the daughter of Roseli. She wants to be baptized, but she really loves her dad and doesn't want him to be all alone/the only member of the family not a member. The Sisters asked her to be baptized and the Dad came in and told her no. But we talked to him and told him to pray. The Dad and the daughter (Valdivino and Melina) will be baptized on Saturday! 

This Saturday we have a "baptism" for the whole city of Goiania. It is called Natal Branco (white Christmas). Because there will be many people dressed in white to be baptized this day. I am really excited. 

We are also preparing a man named Luiz. He is an older man that we found through Donavan. He lives in a super small house with 2 kids under 5 years old, one 17 year old, one 21 year old, and one 23 year old. It is way packed but they're a good family. We will baptize the dad first and the kids will follow his example. 

We are also preparing a young man. His name is Caio. We met him last week at church. A member brought him to church and asked us how quick we can teach and baptize him. His ex wife was baptized in this ward a few weeks ago. They want to get back together, but he wants to be baptized first, then they will re-marry. We taught him all the lessons yesterday in 2.5hours. He is ready. 

Our mission president gave a new rule that we have to have three baptism invites everyday and 100 contacts every week. Literally every person we teach we invite them to be baptized the first lesson. We have been yet to be turned down, but the second we mark a date or ask them to go to church on Sunday, they flake out. One of these times we will get lucky. The 100 contacts is fun. We literally have to talk to everyone in the street to reach this number. 

The mission is good. I am learning many things. Things that will help me in life and things that I want to carry with me forever. I love every day that I get to be here. Even when it is pouring rain. I think it is more funny than anything. Because we keep just walking and trudging through the rain. 

Have a good one! 


elder (uncle) wild