Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17th, 2014


This week was pretty good. We traveled to Goiania this week for transfers and to have a mission conference. I think that you will get a photo in your email. It was pretty good. Elder Cruz (of the seventy) talked about how the things we learn on the mission will prepare us for everything in life. Then the transfer meeting came. My area was the last area to be talked about so my heart was pounding pretty hard the whole time. My new companion is from Belem. Elder Srur. (brazilian) He is really awesome. He has 1 year and 9 months so he is almost finishing, but he is a great missionary. He is also an assistant to the president so that is pretty cool to be his companion to learn stuff from him. Everyday I learn a lot. 

We worked super hard this week when we returned to caldas novas. We found 24 new investigators, but none of them went to church. They were all sleeping and wouldn't wake up to our whistling and yelling and clapping. haha I don't think they are ready.

We taught this one group of boys this week. The second we walked in their house it was just the smell of pot. I thought o great, but you never know, everyone needs to be invited to repent. We committed them to all come to church on Sunday. On the follow up lesson we taught the word of wisdom. We talked about the things that are bad for our body. Then we asked if they wanted our help to live this commandment by taking all their substances in their house and throwing them away. They accepted our help! We asked for their cigarettes, they gave them to us, we asked them if they had weed, but they said they didn't.... I didn't believe them, but didn't want to fight this battle. We asked if they read the pamphlet on the restoration we gave to them. They pulled it from under the sofa and said this one? it had pieces ripped out of it. (it was obvious that they used the paper to role their marijuana cigarettes) we just invited them to church, then left. it was a good experience. 

This sunday we had splits to bring our investigators to church. Elder Srur went with a dad in the ward (Jovelino) and I went with his son Tiago. It was super fun. He is 23 and has autism to a pretty high degree. I am not saying this as a joke, just to describe the situation. He cant count to 10 and has the intelligence of a 5 year old. But it was so fun to look for investigators. We would arrive in the front of a house and he would just shout wake up! wake up! come to church! It was awesome!! 

Also this week we had a cool experience. There was a man that moved here and is a member. Because we are just a branch, there is nothing on the church site that says that we exist. So he was asking everyone in the city if they heard of us. He got the prompting to just wait. We were on the same street on this moment, but a few blocks ahead walking the opposite direction going towards an appointment. We got the prompting to turn around and walk towards the center of Caldas Novas. As we were walking down this street there was a man standing there and I got the prompting to talk to him. As soon as he turned around and saw us he couldn't speak. He was so happy. He just showed us his temple recommend. haha it was a really cool experience! He was there on sunday and super happy to be a part of this branch. 

Well I am really excited for you guys to move! It should be fun. Always remember to have a happy attitude. even when you are dead tired. No one want to work with grumpy people. hahahaha. Sounds like the Bishop is a real nice guy. Dont be afraid to let them help you. It will be a blessing for them just as much as it will be for you. 

Congrats Jayson and Spencer on your Eagle! Every American on the mission has his Eagle! Way to Go

Have a super good week and know that I am praying for you all! 

Love you all 

Elder Wild

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