Monday, April 7, 2014

April 7, 2014


This week was pretty good. My last days in Caldas were good. It was sad to leave, but I was excited to move on to a new area. We went to Goiania and the next day we had a mini transfer meeting and now I am training a missionary in a city called Rio Verde. It is an agriculture town. It is pretty neat! The drive hear was really pretty. There were just fields and fields of sugar cane. I think I was transfered because another missionary went home, so they had to move some things around. My new campanion is Elder Rosa. He is from Rio Grande do Sul. (A state in Brazil) It is pretty fun. We are also living in the same house as another set of missionaries so that is pretty fun. One is from Indiana. I made him that birthday cake that you sent. It was pretty good. 

I also recieved many cards and packages when I went to Goiania. Thank you all very much for sending them! 

Nana and Papa: I really liked your cards and the Life is Good shirt! Thank you very much! Kim and Cris: Thank you for the card and the photos of the air balloon! 

Mom: Thank you for the many cards and the Christmas cards to give out. they will be a good present to give to investigators here in 8 months. 

Conference was really good! We watched the first part of the first session in spanish. Suprisingly I was able to understand a good part of it. Then they figured out how to switch it into portuguese. A little after that an Elder that entered into the MTC the same time as me, but in Provo was super confused. He recieved his visa a few days ago. Serving in Salt Lake for nearly 9 months he did not have a good vocab to listen to conference in portuguese, so the branch president here set up english in another room. All the Americans in our zone watched it in English. And we ate the skittles that Nana sent. It was nice to hear their voices and to snack on a good American treat. 

But I really liked Robert D. Hales and Russell M. Nelson on being obedient and where we are putting our faith. They were really good. I am excited too to read them and study them. 

This week we have a baptism so we will be working hard for everything to work out. It will be a really good week. I am really following the Spirit to a tee so that she will be baptized. This area is pretty key. We just need to baptize 8 more men in our area for this branch to be complete and ready for this District to be made a Stake. This gives incentive to not loose one minute of working. 

But I am glad that everything is going well in Idaho. If things bad come up, just think of President Uchdor´s talk. 

Thank you again for all the packages and for all your support. 

I love you All! 
Elder Wild

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