Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oct 20, 2013

Oi famìlia! Tudo bem? 

This week was way good! Filled with many miracles. At district meeting we got a call from the secretary about how a man stopped him at the bus station and said "hey my wife was baptized 5 years ago but she wasn't confirmed. Can you guys come to our house and teach her the importance?" These people live in our area! hahahaha  If you are not confirmed soon after baptism you have to be baptized again. So we talked with her and her family a lot this week and she is getting baptized on sunday. Her name is Karla, she has 3 boys ages 7, almost 4, and a 1 year old. They are all 3 years a part! hahaha. I told them that they need to have a girl in a few years. The Dad was baptized when he was 14 and said that he wants the gospel in his sons' lives. He said he wants them to all serve missions and to have these blessings. 

This sunday I baptized Mateus. He was a golden investigator. He bought a suit and everything for his baptism. After church yesterday he said that in four years he will be Elder Souza. This made me so happy that he is already making the decision to be a missionary. I was talking to the bishop last night and he said that he already has a calling for him. 

This week we also found a family of 5 that went to church 3 times many years ago when the chapel was nearly an hour away. They said that the Elders that taught them had been transferred so they stopped getting taught. They have a 9 year old daughter who asked a million questions about the United States. She also asked a lot about snow and frozen over ponds. It was really funny. 

How was your missionary week?  How are you!?  Really, how are you doing?

I am doing good. Drinking a lot of water and using sunscreen. Brushing my teeth twice a day, working out every day, walking a lot and eating well. Today I am going to buy more fruit cause lately my diet has been Tang and bread. hhahaha 

1)  Do your days go fast?  Your week? 

Our weeks fly by. We have been pretty busy and working hard. 

2)  Are most people pretty receptive to your message? 

It all depends. We taught this one man who had next to nothing and was a chain smoker. He was content with his life and didn't want to change. Most people will let you in to hear a message. It is hard sometimes because they don't like to say "NO" directly so we have to try to pick up the hints. Normally it is when they don't keep commitments like reading or praying. 

3)  When have you listened to a prompting this week?  And did you act on that prompting?

We are always listening to promptings. So we have a total of 6 missionaries in our ward.  A set of sisters are in our area. Elder Batista and I prayed on where to knock doors. We came up with two streets. It was the same two streets that the sisters had chosen that day too. We found quite a few families on these streets. 

4) What lifelong habits have you learned that are important?  

Reading the scriptures every day. And making your prayers meaningful and sincere. Especially at night and in the morning. 

Another cool thing, a lady in our ward works in the mission office as a worker and she said that there are many boxes of iPads in the Mission office..... I am excited to see where this goes! 

Thanks for praying for me and for everything! 
Love you all very much!!
Elder Wild

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