Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oct 13th to Norm

Thats good to hear about the primary program. I hope we have one here in Ipiranga. (Thats the name of our ward)

How many lessons are you and your companion doing a week?

This week our numbers were not super high, but we have been working with the members more and getting references from this. This is a lot more effective. We have a baptism this week. (Mateus) Last night we taught him the plan of salvation and he said that he has 3 friends that he wants us to teach!! This is the most effective way to  find people to teach. (Teach when you find, find when you teach) This is a principle in Preach my Gospel. This is a really good manuel. You should study it too! It is very inexpensive. The whole family can study it! 

How may invitations have you and your companion extended?

I don't know exactly how many invitations I gave this week but my goal for every week is 100. Every person we talk to in the street, door, anywhere, we should invite them to do something. Normally it is to come to church. But when the Spirit tells us, we invite them to hear our lessons. 

Things are going well here! I hope things are going well for you too! I have been praying a lot for you and your business! I know that you will do well! 

Read this scripture: Matthew 6:24-34. These are really good scriptures on how the Lord will provide. 

I love you a lot! Thanks for being a good example!

Elder Wild

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