Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oct 27, 2013


Glad you liked my letter last week! This week I dont have as much time because I have to email the office and the President. But I will will do my best!!! 

The baptism for Karla was so good! I love their family! I was so happy for them. We really didnt have to teach her anyting because she had already been taught. And her husband Donavan is such a cool guy! He prepared to go on a mission, but never went. But he is doing his part now by giving us a lot of good references. And he cooks a lot of awesome food for us. At time we have to leave his house and run to ours because we have to be in by 9:30 but by 10 he delivers a giant meal for us! 

After church I was talking to them, and when we went to their house later that night. They kept talking about getting sealed in the temple I was so happy for them. They are moving to Portugal in January. They are planning on getting sealed in the Madrid Spain Temple. He said that he wants me to be there. He said that many times! He said that he would wait till I go home to be sealed so I can be there for them. So in July of 2015 be ready for a trip to Portugal. hahaaahahaa

This week was pretty cool! I was so happy to be a missionary! Pretty awesome actually! hahaaha I had an interview with the zone leader and he said that I am progressing well. It was a good interview. It showed me that the President really does know each one of us. 

This week we have been teaching Valdivino´s family a lot. They are really good! They said that they could not go to church on sunday because they had to clean the house and wash clothes. We taught them about if we first seek the Kingdom of God, God will bless us. I asked`what do we need to do to seek the Kingdom of God?`` They said ``go to church, read scriptures, pray...`` all really good answers. We asked them if they believed they will be blessed if they sacrifice 3 hours of their day on sunday to go to church, they will be blessed. They said ``yes! we believe this`` Then I asked, `so what will you do tomorrow?`` `He said, ``wash clothes, I just dont have time.`` It was very frustrating. But guess who was at church on sunday? Valdivino´s family!!! haaahahaha  I was so happy to see them and to see their faith and will to serve God.  We will mark a date for their family this week. 

1.)  How is your Portuguese Language going?

It is going really well. I rarely have trouble. I am very grateful for the gift of tongues. 

2.)  Are you studying in Portuguese?  Have you read the whole book of mormon in the portuguese language?

3.)  Do the youth do scouts or something like it in Brazil?

No Brazilians only focus on duty to God. They miss out on a lot. Scouting is a good prep. I love being able to talk about all the crazy camp outs and experiences that I have done because of scouting. 

I have language study everyday. Normally I just read the Book of Mormon. It helps me learn more of the language. I read very slow because I want understand and think about what is going on and how I can help my investigators with the chapters that I read. 

Well time is ticking. I love you all and am super excited for you guys this week! I will be thinking about you saturday!!
Love you All!!!
Elder Wild

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