Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 24th, 2013

Oi família! 
I am glad to hear that everything is going well! I didnt get the opportunity to look at the video of Jordan and Brooklyn. But I will try today. I am very happy that my package got there! I will send another one this week with Christmas letters. I want to send some other things, but shipping is super expensive. And the credit card reader at the post office is broken so I would have to use my reserve fund... So we might just have a big Christmas in the summer of 2015 and you will know what its like. The santa here still has a red fur coat. And reindeer. It is pretty wierd to think that it is cold there. It gets really hot here, and then we get a down pour. Last night we were walking and all the sudden it just started pouring. There was nothing we could do so we just kept walking. It was like we just got out of a swimming pool. haha and all the streets were filled with running water. 

This week was a bit hard but I am learning a lot. We are working really hard on this one family. The dad does not like the church so we just stop by when he is not home. But the mom and kids have a strong testimony. She said that every day someone from her church stops by and tells them negative things about the church. But she still comes to church and she stopped drinking coffee. Yesterday, she said that her head hurts, but the pain will pass. This week we will bring a member everyday so that she has more support in the church. 

This week we knocked a lot of doors. We found some really good people that I think have  a lot of potential. Hopefully we can keep working with them. We also met a lot of interesting people. 

This week was the primary program in our ward. It really good. We got to get up and sing with the primary about missionary work. 

This past week the ward had a temple trip. For the temple trips, they sign up in advance, and travel 14 hours to Sao Paulo via tour bus. I heard some really cool stories about this trip. 

I have not yet received your mail... I get mail maybe once a month... We only get mail at zone meetings. We are supposed to have a zone meeting every month. This keeps us more focused. And more excited when zone meetings come around. haha. 

You asked what I am grateful for:
Everything. Bad and Good. If there is no bad, there could be no good. 

But a thing that I am most grateful for is families. My family, and all the families I am helping come unto Christ. 
Thank you for everything!! Hope all goes well! 

Elder Wild

ps I am sure you cleaned all my stuff out. There are a few things that I want to make sure are kept safe. My book of mormon (blue hard cover that has lots of markings in it) and the little book of mormon (brown) (handsized) (was a present from Jordan) 

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