Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Nov 17th, 2013

Hey family! 

Its good to hear that all the rush is over and things are settling down. Last pday was really good! It was fun to see different parts of Brazil. 
Our mission wide conference was way good. Elder Costa was there. He is the area president of Brasil. He is a really funny guy and taught us a lot of things. I really like these meetings because it gets me excited to go out and teach and find more people. 

My new companion is Brasilian. His name is Elder Cavalcante. He is from Piaui. It is another state here in Brasil. It is super funny and we work and teach well together. He has 4 months left. The other day he got a call from the office asking where the closest airport to his house was. But he is not trunky. 

This week we have been focusing on teaching by the spirit and teaching people not lessons. 

We were walking down the street at night and passed by a house and I felt that we should talk to them, but we kept walking. Later that night we were passing by and we decided to stop and talk to them. While we were making small talk we going to teach them the restoration but right aftet the prayer we both felt that we should teach the word of wisdom. When we were teaching the word of wisdom, we found out that he has abandoned his drug problems but he still has a drinking problem. It is sad cause he has three little kids and a wife (not married yet), but it is exciting to work with him. I can see the potential in this family. But everyone has their agency. This is probably the hardest thing, when you see the potential that people have, and they decide that their life is good enough. 

But I am still in this area and I am still having a great experience. Everyday we have a good plan for the day and I am excited to go out and teach. 

This week we are traveling 3 hours to a nearby city of 3000 people. It is still in our boundaries... hahaha. Our ward mission leader said that there are very many people there that are ready. So he is going to gather as many people as he can and we will come and have a town meeting. hahaha I am excited. Hopefully in a short time we will have a branch out there. 

Now for the questions....
1) Do you have a temple nearby?  Will you be able to attend very often?  
The next temple I will see is in Colorado.... The nearest temple is in Sao Paulo. 

2)  What funny thing happened to you lately?  Laughter is often such a good stress relief and I hope you're able to have lots of it!
So we were teaching a family that attends a certain church a lot. He had a very hard heart and would not consider our message. He would not ask God if it were true. In our message we shared the verse in Amos that talks about how people will have a hunger and thrist for the gospel, but they will not find it (until it is restored.) in the next chapter in Amos. Anyway, he was telling us that we were still looking for the truth and the truth was in his church. He went on and on and on for 20 minutes. Then we asked him to give a prayer before we leave and it was sooo funny! I was laughing so hard. It started out soft and reverent then he started praying faster and louder and it just kept getting faster and louder! hahaha it was like chant before a foot ball game. He asked in the prayer that we will be more enlightened by this visit and we will find the truth. I dont think he heard me laughing because he was praying so loud.  

3)What type of opposition do you encounter?  Are people nice to you, or are they rude?
For the most part, people are nice. People that dont want to hear our message just tell us that they are proud for what we are doing. I have only seen one door slammed in our face. 

Well my time is dwindling..... and I havent written Dad, Jordan, Jayson or Jenna.... I hope all is well at home and everyone is happy! 

Jayson happy Birthday! Your package is in the mail! I sent it a while ago so I hope you get it soon!  Keep on keepin on! 
Jenna- Good luck in French! 
Jordan and Brooklyn! Congrats again! I am happy for you all! 
Dad- Keep working hard and thank you for all you do! 
Warren- I am glad you are safe! Your still an Ironman! 

Love you all!!
Elder Wild

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