Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dec 1st, 2013


That's exciting about the Christmas decorations! I have seen two houses that have the lights up. That is one thing I will miss is seeing the Christmas lights. I will send a few things your way this week. I hope they get there by Christmas. 

This week was super good! Number wise, not so much, but we put a lot of time into Roseli and her family. They were baptized on saturday! It was such a good baptism. It was super hectic before. We arrived late from that small town a few hours away and there were tons of people running around in the church. They were finishing up the super saturday activity. Then we checked the baptism font and all the water had drained out. It takes about 2 hours for it to fill up and we had 15 minutes till the baptism, so we turned the water on, and ran buckets of water from the bathroom. We also had a hose from the outside filling up the font. We started the baptism a few minutes late, but it turned out to be pretty good! I also made cookies for after the baptism. I made the batter a day before, then baked them after the baptism. They turned out really good! 

This week was also pretty good! We have received a good down pour everyday. And I forget my umbrella nearly everyday! So, when I knock on doors, it is like i jumped out of a swimming pool and walked up to a door and asked if I could come in and share a message. hahaha Would you let a stranger soaking wet come in and sit on your sofa? hahaha One man let us in. He was really funny! He has a wife that he has been married to for 70 years! He also said that he has great great grand children! 

I got your package of pictures this week! I haven't had time to open them but I will after I am finished with emailing. 

This week was also really good because we had interviews with the president! We also had a training from the assistants. It was a good training. It is really funny! Every training they show a clip from a movie and apply it to the mission. This time they showed the clip from the movie Patriot in the final battle of the movie when the colonists are retreating and the British are taking over. then the main character takes the American flag and rallies everyone to turn back and fight the British. They related that how we need to follow our leaders and turn back and endure to end in this ´battle´ that we are fighting. It is hard to explain, but it is pretty cool! 

I really like training's, they really motivate me to work harder and get me excited for this opportunity. 

now for the questions.....
1)  What is the ward like?  Is it small, large?  Do you have a chapel?  Are there several wards there, or only one?  Yesterday we had 176 people in the chapel! This is a really high number! But we need to strengthen the families. Many families don't pray or study the scriptures together. And they don't have family home evening. We will work with this week. 

2)  In your ward, who do you learn the most from?  What do they teach you?
We work a lot with the ward mission leader. He is super cool and he is always exciting about having ward activities. He is the one that is getting us ready to start a branch in that small town. He is the only member there so we will find other people to teach and baptise there. 

3)  What do you focus your studies on?  Mostly reading the Book of Mormon?  The General Conference talks?  PMG?
Preach my gospel and the Book of Mormon. We also focus on what our investigator needs. 

4)  What's your favorite thing to do on Pday?  
As nice as it is to sleep on pday, I really like go out and see more stuff. I think today we are going to the botanical gardens! 

Hope you all have a really good week! Love you all!!
Elder Wild

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