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Dec 8th, 2013

Hey Grandma! hahahaha

Pretty crazy! I am having my doubts. This is the brother that sent me a fake mission call.... Did I recieve a fake wedding announcement tambem? 

But if its true... I am happy for them! 

I didnt see the Christmas devotional.... I didnt even hear that it was on. We had stake conference yesterday. That was really good! The sat. night session talked only about missionary work and how important members are. Now that I think about it, nearly all our baptisms are because of members! And all our current investigators are because of members. Only Roseli we found knocking doors. But we prayed about that road. So Dad... parabĂ©ns for your dedication in giving out invites to come to church. 10% of the population is ready to accept the gospel. It is up to us to find them. I am guessing you only have 2 or 4 missionaries in your ward. But you have a few hundred member missionaries. 

This week was pretty good! We are getting a couple ready for marrige, so they can be baptized. They are really cool! They went to church on Sunday and their 5 year old son said on Monday: Mom when are we going to church again? hahaha They are a neat family. They live far, but it is worth the travel every couple of days. 

We have been teaching Roseli and her family the recent convert lessons and they have been going well. The sisters in our area have been working with us. They have been working hard with the daughter of Roseli. She wants to be baptized, but she really loves her dad and doesn't want him to be all alone/the only member of the family not a member. The Sisters asked her to be baptized and the Dad came in and told her no. But we talked to him and told him to pray. The Dad and the daughter (Valdivino and Melina) will be baptized on Saturday! 

This Saturday we have a "baptism" for the whole city of Goiania. It is called Natal Branco (white Christmas). Because there will be many people dressed in white to be baptized this day. I am really excited. 

We are also preparing a man named Luiz. He is an older man that we found through Donavan. He lives in a super small house with 2 kids under 5 years old, one 17 year old, one 21 year old, and one 23 year old. It is way packed but they're a good family. We will baptize the dad first and the kids will follow his example. 

We are also preparing a young man. His name is Caio. We met him last week at church. A member brought him to church and asked us how quick we can teach and baptize him. His ex wife was baptized in this ward a few weeks ago. They want to get back together, but he wants to be baptized first, then they will re-marry. We taught him all the lessons yesterday in 2.5hours. He is ready. 

Our mission president gave a new rule that we have to have three baptism invites everyday and 100 contacts every week. Literally every person we teach we invite them to be baptized the first lesson. We have been yet to be turned down, but the second we mark a date or ask them to go to church on Sunday, they flake out. One of these times we will get lucky. The 100 contacts is fun. We literally have to talk to everyone in the street to reach this number. 

The mission is good. I am learning many things. Things that will help me in life and things that I want to carry with me forever. I love every day that I get to be here. Even when it is pouring rain. I think it is more funny than anything. Because we keep just walking and trudging through the rain. 

Have a good one! 


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