Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 20, 2014

Oi família!!

I am glad that you liked those talks. They sure are good! That was so awesome to hear about that miracle from Jenna. It is proof that Heavenly Father answers our prayers. 

This week we have been teaching a lot and have been viewing a lot of miracles. We marked a wedding date for 3 couples this week. In 30 days they will be married, then baptized the day after! Nearly my whole time here in this area I have been working with all these families and finally we are seeing the fruits. This Sunday was also filled with miracles. Normally we have to go wake up people to come to church early in the morning and help them get there, but this Sunday we just prayed that all our investigators would have the desire to come to church on their own will. This Sunday we had 9 people in the chapel! It was way awesome! Our zone last week had 42 investigators in the chapel and 47 the week before! It has been really cool to see this work moving along. 

In the mtc and before the mission I always thought that Brazil would just be a walk in the park mission. Just knock some doors, teach, and people would just flock to the church. hahahahahahahahaha 

This video is a good response to my thought.

This mission is not easy, but it is not supposed to be. I am so grateful for every trial here because I learn so much from everything and everyone. I always have to think of `what do I need to learn from this trial?` 

This week was super rushed for the baptism of a single mom so we didn't have time to make our 100 contacts during the week. So we did almost 100 on Sunday. We would go to bus stops and just invite people to come to church and/or hear a message. Every time we ask if they want to hear a message in their home, an excuse always comes out. But there is always that one that will let us in. We also saw a miracle this week in doing the 100 contacts per missionary. Two Sundays in a row a man would come to church, then leave right after it was done. We finally stopped him and asked to go to his house to share a message with him. It turns out that he went to church because some missionary stopped him one day and invited him to make a visit to church. We taught him the plan of salvation yesterday and they asked to be baptized before we could even invite them. The only thing is that they need to get married. But we will mark a date with them to get married this weekend. 

The marriage process is hard here. You have to go to this marriage business and pay R$180 then wait 30 days to be married. If you want to be married on a weekend or in a church it is more expensive. This is a big reason why so many people just live together and don't get married. 

Hope all goes well this week and thanks for sending the birthday package! I will look forward to it! I am sure the Christmas package will come on my birthday. Or sometime this year. hahahaha 

Love you all! have a great day

elder wild

ps. my shoes aren't going to last much longer. I gave them to a guy to put some new soles on them. I figure for a $120 dollar shoe $15 dollars is a pretty good price to get some new soles. I will pick them up later this week.

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