Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 12, 2014

This week went pretty quick. We had two days of divisions. The first day was with our district leader. The second one was cool because I went on a division with an elder in our zone that arrived here in Dec. He reported to the MTC the same day as I did, but he served in Salt Lake for a few months. It was fun being companions with an american for a day. We talked a lot in English. haha It was funny because when I would go up and ask someone a question I would ask in English first. But I broke the habit quick. We also listened to some great talks. He said that the good thing about doing splits with him, is that he always listens to talks. They are AMAZING! They really gave me an understanding on how real the great apostasy was. 

This one is about why the Lord waited nearly 2000 years to restore the gospel. It is super good!! Here is a link. If you go to the link you will be taken to a blog. and in the blog, you can download the talk and listen to it. 

another one we listened to is super good about the conversion story of a boy. I didn't get to finish it. I just listened to an audio version. I am not able to watch the youtube link, but here is the link for it. 

I haven't gotten the Christmas package yet, but don't worry it will come. Probably around my birthday! haha. That's cool you finished painting the basement, you will have to send some pictures. 

It is also funny that you asked about our apartment. We just moved houses this week. We moved to the back of the lot (to the house above the lot). The owners of the lot renovated and let us move up there. It is really nice. We have a balcony too which is nice. Today we will get everything in order and I will send pictures later. We want to teach them pretty soon also. 

Someone died this week on our street and they had a huge funeral for him or her. A few days later we passed by their house and asked if they wanted to hear a message on how families can live together for eternity. We haven't gotten the chance to teach them but hopefully this week. 

 On the day I was on splits with the other elder that just arrived we taught a lot that day. We went to a park and just sat down with everyone that wanted to hear a message and we just taught them in the park. We focused a lot on teaching by the spirit and teaching them something they need to hear. We kept the lessons really short, like 20 min. And we always invited them to baptism at the end of our message. They always accepted, but when you mark a date, they get uneasy. It was so fun. we found a lot of good people to teach. IT was really funny too because Elder Bennion is a super tall american from Logan, Utah. He looks super old too. but he is only a few months younger than me. But because he is learning the language, he talks really slow and really slurred. (like a drunk guy) haha and he is super tall so he would go up to people and they would get freaked out, but once they figured out who we were they felt better. But the thing I learned most from this split, is that these short messages are the best because we get them thinking and the spirit is strong, and then we leave and let the spirit testify of these things.  Elder Bennion said that he did this in the Salt Lake south mission and they had a lot more baptisms and success with these 20 minute lessons. 

I learned a lot this week in PMG: the importance of teaching by the spirit and not following the same lesson plan every time. It talks about teaching by the spirit. It is one of the most important things on  the mission. Being under the complete companionship of the Spirit. 

We had a baptism this week which was pretty cool. It almost didn't happen but we worked things out. We are also teaching a good number of people which has been nice. We haven't knocked doors in about 2 weeks. 

This week I had a small head ache after the splits so I took some ibuprofen in my first aid kit, but I didn't read the label right. It was a sleep aid type thing. I was waiting for a bus in the terminal and I fell asleep standing up and when I got on the bus I fell asleep really quick. The other missionaries had fun taking pictures of me sleeping. It was a rough few hours but after that I felt a lot better and didn't have a head ache. hahaha

When you go to the temple this week, pray to know of who you can invite to hear the gospel from the missionaries. I know that there are people ready to have the blessing of the Restored Gospel in their lives. Especially after hearing these two talks, it got me really excited to share the restored gospel, and to find someone that really is ready for these messages. You sure can see God´s hand in His work. 

Well its time to close up here pretty quick, but I love you all and thank you for all your prayers! 

Thank you for being such a strong family too! 


Elder Wild

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