Monday, January 20, 2014

Dec 30, 2013

Thank you for seeing my strong points. I will try to continue to have these throughout my life. Thank you also for working hard for me to be here. Dad, I know that you will be blessed for your hard work. I love you very much and I will pray for inspections. Never forget the power of faith and fasting. Hebrews 11 its a good chapter on faith. Also read chapter 7 in Moroni. It's a good one too. 

I think the best way is for me to buy the shirts here because I am able to buy them for cheaper. The value of the dollar is more than twice as high than the Reai (brazillian currency) So for a really good shirt that I buy here for R$35 I am paying $16. Thanks for everything! 

It was very nice talking to all of you on Christmas! I was so excited to be able to see you guys. It was also nice that the internet was working too! 

Good to hear you guys will have good snow at YMCA. It sure is pretty there. I am sure the cross country skiing will be good. Are you guys staying in the same place? Or are you going to upgrade to the yurt? haha

That's exciting that Ben leaves for Africa. That is way awesome! Wish him luck for me! 

It is not raining a whole lot here. This week we visited many members to get references from them. When we showed them the conference talks that talked about the members working with us, they realized that is is a commandment to spread the gospel and that this is what the Lord wants us as members to do right now. Don't be afraid to invite people to hear the most important message in the world. The general authorities aren't asking you to do everything. Just invite. And that is why we have missionaries to teach these people that members find. We will continue to talk to and invite everyone but the most important thing is that we work in the Lords way. And that way is through members. It also talks a lot about that in PMG. 

another gem

Just by talking about these talks we have found really good references from the members. 

It sounds like the missionaries there are a bit tough. But keep working with them. Because that's what they need. Show your love and gratitude for their service. Because no mission is easy. This will help them in being better missionaries. 

I loved talking to you guys! It was a super highlight for me! Have a great time with the family and enjoy the time you have together! 

have a good week and happy new year. Feliz ano novo
with lots of love, 

Elder Wild

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