Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 5th, 2014


I am glad you miss me. I miss you guys too. But don't worry I am still keeping focus! This week I worked on only thinking about missionary work. It improves my spirit a lot. 

  How many contacts are you making?

Our goal for each week is to make 200 contacts for every companionship. 100 each. 

  How many Lessons are you doing a week?

enough lessons to have investigators in the chapel every week. 

   Are you giving out a lot of copies of the  Book of Mormon?

We really listen to the spirit when giving a Book of Mormon out. Everyone will accept, but we want to know who will actually read. 

     Are you helping anyone getting baptized?

Yes, we are working on a few families and a few individuals. This month will be good for baptisms and making this ward bigger. 

So I hit the 6 month mark the other day. It goes fast!

have a good week! I will see about buying shirts this week. 


elder wild
Thanks for sending the pictures. It was really good to see you guys having fun! I miss being cold! I really liked the photo of everyone with the winter hats. I liked Jayson's hat the most. hahahahahaha. I am really glad that you had fun. I was thinking about all the good vacations that we have been on. I think my favorite so far was the one to Lake Powell with the houseboat. That was a blast. I am really glad that we did that last vacation in Denver to the temple and eating the Brazilian food.

Its also good to hear that you are going to pray for these missionary opportunities. I know that Heavenly Father will put someone in your way. It is my favorite to visit people that the members pass over to us because they always let us in and the lesson is always so much better. 

This week was awesome! We taught the plan of salvation every day. It is by far my favorite lesson to teach because it makes so much sense and it is awesome to teach everyone it. The spirit is always so strong because we talk about how with out Christ, we are not able to live in the presence of God. After the lesson we ask them what glory they want to live in. Everyone always says `Celestial´ and then we ask ´What do you need to do to get to this Kingdom`´ People always accept baptism after this lesson. 

This week I have also been giving all my spare time at night and in the morning to read conference talks. I have learned so much from these talks and I love being able to share this modern revelation with people. The talks in these conferences are just as important as the scriptures. I told the young men in our ward on Sunday that my testimony was strengthened a lot because I attended/listened to conference and studied the talks afterwards. Reading these talks is very helpful. 

This week we found a family that had been going to church in another area for a few months but they didn't get baptized because they were not married. Just living together. (This was 8 years ago). She had read the Book of Mormon cover to cover and wanted to be baptized but couldn't. Just because my companion and I were being obedient and talking to everyone in the street, we found this family. They will be baptized this month. We also having been seeing lots of miracles from fasting. We have found really good investigators because of fasting. 

I don't have a lot of time this week, but I hope all is well. and HAPPY BELATED ANNIVERSARY MOM AND DAD! 
That is very exciting for you guys.... sorry its two emails.

I love you all very much! And I am grateful everyday for my family! 

Elder Wild 

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