Monday, January 20, 2014

Dec 22nd

Good to hear Jordan and Brooklyn made it in ok. This week was very rushed. We didn't get to teach a whole lot but it was a good week. We had another mission wide conference this week. Every missionary came to our chapel for our conference/mission party. It was way fun! We had a giant dinner and wrote letters to other missionaries in the mission for Christmas. After the Christmas party we had transfers. I am still here in Ala Ipiranga! hahaha. I like it here. It is a good ward. My companion stayed here as well. I was a little nervous getting transferred because then I wouldn't know any members but I am going to stay here.

I don't really know how Christmas is going to play out because our dinner is always during lunch. But I am sure everything will be fine. haha. I am fine with talking on the phone. It will just be a little pricey I'm guessing. I will try with skype first, then if that isn't working I can give you a number to call. 

These past few days I have been thinking of ways we can find more people to teach. It seems like at times we are just spinning in mud. We knock lots of doors, find some people to teach, but they don't want to make any commitments of going to church. This is the Lords work and we need to work His way. My question was answered this morning. For personal study, I read a talk in general conference by Elder S. Gifford Nielsen. It talked about how this is the time for the members to work with the missionaries. President Monson talked about this in the opening talk of general conference and it was talked about various times throughout the conference. I am super determined to work with the members. I know that it will be much more effective. And what better gift a member could give to Christ than to pass a reference to His servants? 

Yesterday our ward mission leader was talking to us about how we can get the members to give us more referrals. He said that we all made a covenant with God at baptism that we will stand as a testimony of Christ in all moments. (Mosiah 18:8-11) Now the Prophet is asking the members to work with the missionaries! This is the best gift that we can give to God this year, is to share the Restored Gospel. We have the most important message and we just need to open our mouths to share it. 

Christmas time is an exciting time to be a missionary because we are always thinking of ways to bring others unto Christ and how we can help people accept the gift of the Atonement. 

This week I talked with this woman that lived in England for 12 years. It was really hard to talk to her in English. I had to think of words to say. It is funny how I can just extend invites and teach easy in Portuguese, but when it comes time to talk in English, I cant think of what to say. Gift of Tongues. haha Don't worry it will only take 39 minutes to warm up when I talk to you guys on Christmas. hahaha Just kidding. I am sure I will be able to talk fine! 

well, Thanks for writing and I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! I love you all very much and wish the best! 


Elder Wild

I will call you guys via skype first around 6pm. our time(goiania time). So that is 1pm your time I think. If I cant find you on skype, I will email you around that time and figure out a way to talk. Cant wait! haha

Don't feel bad the package didn't get here in time... Because not very many people here in the mission get packages on Christmas time. But it will be a good surprise in a month or so!!!! hahaha 

Seriously!!!! DONT FEEL BAD! I AM HAPPY! 


Elder Wild

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