Monday, January 20, 2014

Dec 15th, 2013

Mom, family and all! 

Our zone had a bbq today. It was really good. Brazillians really know how to have a good bbq.
For the white handbook, we read 6 pages every morning as a companionship so we are pretty refreshed on the rules. They are good to follow. I know they are tied with blessings. I am pretty diligent in being 100% obedient. Its not too hard.
This week the bishop asked to talk with us. He wants us to work and spend more time the the young men. he wants them all to be ready to serve missions. He said that this is the reason he served a mission because he got to love missionary work. 
The ward is getting better with working with us. On Sunday I had 2 people come up to me and ask how they can help. That is the best question a missionary can hear.  Our sat. night session stake conference was on missionary work. for 2 hours! It really is necessary for the ward to help. 

I am really happy to receive your emails! This week was super good! We were able to baptize Valdivino and his family! It was a great feeling! Such a good feeling to complete a family. The thing that touched him was that he can receive the priesthood and that he can be sealed for eternity in the temple. His wife said that he needed to get baptized because their family is losing blessings. This was the highlight of the week. Before the baptism the mission choir sang Christmas songs and the spirit was super strong. 

I have to go now, but I am excited to talk to you guys! Sorry for the short email this week! 

I am pretty sure you can send that music cd of the piano guys! I am excited to listen to it! 

I haven't gotten your package this week! But I haven't seen the mission office in a while.
Have you gotten my package for Christmas?
I sent something, it is not super cool like Jordan used to send because the credit card machine at the póst office doesn't work so I had to send stuff with the cash I have.
This week the first presidency put out a new rule about calling home to family on christmas and mothers day. Now it is only mothers day.......

Just kidding hahahahaha! I would die and I know you would too if this were true.
but the new rule is that we can only talk for 40 minutes. 40 MINUTES. 40 MINUTES. it is a little sad because I remember talking to Jordan for almost 2 hours but rules are good to follow. they are tied with blessings. hahaha
but know that I love you very much! have an awesome week and next week we will get to  write longer!
also know that I am healthy, safe, and having a very good time and I am loving every part of my mission! I am SO thankful for all the people that helped me get here. all my scout, church, seminary, school teachers and leaders and all my friends and family.
Love you all!
Elder Wild

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