Monday, January 27, 2014

Jan 27, 2014

oi família! 

This week was super good and went by super fast. I found out this week that I will leave my first area! I am a little sad, I like the members and we have some super good investigators but it is always exciting to meet more people and try new things. I don't know where yet, but I will find out on wed.

I respond to the questions first, that family with the three boys................... its a rough story. moral of the story NEVER FORGET TO READ YOUR SCRIPTURES, PRAY AND GO TO CHURCH EVERY WEEK! This provides a huge spiritual strength for families. We tried everything to help this family, but the thing was they just didnt want to. The were strong for a few weeks after the baptism in oct. but you need to do these things daily in order to stay strong. 

1)  Do the people in Goiania travel to the temple very often?  Does anyone get married in the temple?  Or is it just a lifelong wish of theirs to go one day?  Whenever I even think about complaining how far our temple is, I realize that MANY people will never be able to get there to seal their families.  So I wondered how it is where you are at.  

They have a bus that goes 14 hours to the temple in Campinas every other month ish... It is about 100 dollars. So it is possible and people go there a lot, it is just really hard. If people can get there 2 times a year things are good. WE are very blessed. Many people do get the opportunity to go to the temple and get sealed. 

2)  What was your favorite scripture this week?  Why?

I have been reading in Alma this week and I really like chapter 26. It talks about how the Lords hand is in his work. It relates a lot to our work today. 

3)  What do you remember most about your CTM experience?  What did you learn from your companion there that has helped you in the mission field?  

I remember being excited to leave... ahhahahaha I liked the studing and the devos but it was hard being in one place for 6 weeks. it was necessary and I learned a lot, but the field is millions times better. 

I think the most valuable thing I learned there was that you need to teach by the Spirit no matter what. When I arrived in the field we had those memorized lessons and my companions just teach the same thing. I can almost quote what they are going to say in every lesson.hahaha super annoying at times. but I learned to teach for the needs of the investigators there at the CTM. And to really bring them in to what you are teaching by asking a lot of questions. This is a concept that I want to use more and more.

This week we were super rushed because we had to get ready for this baptism. We saw many miracles because of praying for our investigators and for the investigators of our district. It was really cool. I made cookies the night before the baptism and had a little party in their house. It got them really excited for their baptism. They showed up on sunday morning super excited to be baptized. Everything went perfect. This was  a cool miracle of praying: People in Brazil generally dont wear a whole lot of clothes so every time we go over there to teach this woman something, we have to keep our eyes high... hahaha but we were going to teach the law of chasity the following day and I was really worried about offending her, or embaresing her in the moment. So I prayed that she would be wearing modest clothes the following day. The following day she was wearing jeans and a long sleave shirt. hahaha. She has been doing well ever since. 

Well time is short because of being super rushed this week, but know that I am doing well and am happy! I am sad to leave the area, but I am excited to get into a new one. Have a super good week! I love you all! 

And thank you very much for the birthday wishes. 

I heard that the mission office has about 50 packages there. So wed I think I will get the Christmas package! Just in time for my birthday! haha 

Love you all lots! 

Elder Wild

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