Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014


It was super quick week! These days always pass by so fast! We were super rushed but thats a good thing! We are still teaching a lot and bringing a lot of people to the church. This week we had district conference (stake conference) and it was super good. There were so many people that all the missionaries had to sit in the nursing room and listen to the conference. Every few minutes we would have to leave to let a mom nurse her baby. But it was a good conference. 

The World Cup still has a few weeks. We just stay in our house during the brazil games and after. After the games is worse than during because there are a lot of crazy people out on the streets still celebrating. But it is cool on game day because EVERYONE is wearing a yellow shirt. It is good to see the unity! 

This week I got the conference ensign. I love reading the talks again especially because they are so useful to apply to the people we teach and think about. In just a few days I am already into the saturday afternoon session. This is the reason why our Church is good, because the prophet sees what he needs to tell us and what can help us in that moment. It is such a blessing to have modern day revelation that talk about the problems in todays world. 

The craziest question that we got this week was that: where in the Bible does it say we have to be married in the court house? We showed him everything and every scripture that had to do with marrige and the law, but his heart was still a little stiff. hhahahaha. This is when he needs to except the council from a modern day prophet that says marrige is between a man and a women LEGALLY married! 

Way to go on the family History! I am glad that you guys are doing that! It is super important! 

When I come home that is something that I want to do different is get more into the family history. IN confernece this weekend he talked about there are two sides of rescuing. Those that are living (nonmember and less active) and those who have already passed. It will be a good feeling when we return to have our family waiting with open arms to recieve us. 

Sorry the note is so short today, but I am super glad that you guys got the package. I will try to send another in the next few weeks. 

Love you lots! Know that I pray for you and that I am so grateful for all of you! It is so awesome to be able to come to the Lan House every week and know that I have a family on the other end! Have a super good week! 

Elder Wild

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