Wednesday, July 9, 2014

July 8, 2014

Hey Family! 

Happy 4th! I bet it was pretty fun! Boating fireworks and all that! I wore a red white and blue tie on the 4th. That was about all we did for the fourth but it was still fun to remember!

This week was super good. We have been teaching this guy named Davi. We found him knocking doors. It was one of those doors that we thought well just one more door and then we will call it a night. We knocked on his door and he let us right it. He asked us about our doctrine then we taught him and he accepted to be baptized that day. He went to church and it was all good! He liked Church a lot and wanted to get baptized even more! Just that the day of the baptism interview he went to a friends house and watched a preacher film about Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. He didn't want to be baptized after that. So we had to explain and show in the scriptures all the questions that he had. Before the interview he had a page of questions for us! They were all super hard but..... He got baptized the next day! 
He was super happy after the baptism! 

Also a few weeks ago we found this family that is the process of getting married! They are super awesome and they always make a really good dinner for us! The daughters of the family are these two little girls who are super funny. They were talking to their grandma about the church and invited her. Her grandma said that she already had a religion. Then the daughter asked: `Does your church have missionaries?` the grandma said`Yes`. Then the daughter said `well my missionaries visit me!` hahahaha The family is really neat! She likes to make these flipflops and she wants to make you a pair! She needs to know your shoe size... 

We had transfers this week too... but I will stay another 6 weeks here with Elder Hopkins! I am super excited! We will work pretty good together and teach well together. 

This week I have been studying the conference talks! they are so good! They are also super applicable to other people! We can use the talks for every investigator! 

I really liked the talk about the family History. I also read this week the last section in doctrine and covenants. It talked about the work in the spirit world. Joseph F. Smith talked a lot about how important the temple work is. It is really good to hear that Jenna is doing so much family history. It is something that I want to do when I get home. 

Well I am dying in this lan house right now. It  is about 100 degrees with a bunch of little kids that haven't taken a shower in a few days... so I cant think super well right now! But this week was good! We had a lot of baptisms in the branch this week! It got the members really excited to do work! 

Don't hesitate to have the missionaries come over and teach your neighbor. That is what they were called to do and why they are there! You will be so happy with the work that they will do! They will know exactly what to say too! 

Thank you very much for everything! I love you all very much and I hope that you have a super good week!  

Elder Wild
PS I took this foto at one year! I even wore the tie that I came out with! It was pretty funny to think: one year ago I was on horsetooth rock with andre and george, one year ago I was playing badmitten in the backyard, one year ago I was in the bank waiting for dad to get there, one year ago I was walking away from my family for two years.... It is pretty crazy to think that it has been one year already! 

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