Monday, July 21, 2014

July 20th

Thats a pretty awesome video! Thanks for sending that! 

This week was super good! We have been doing lots of work and been working with a lot of families that have been coming to church. We are pushing them to get married so that they can be baptized. Every week we have a ton of investigators in the Church, now we just have to work to get all these investigators coming back! 

We have been working with Diane and her family. They are all pretty awesome! I really like going over to their house and teaching. Their daughter was baptized this weekend and it was really awesome. They will be getting married this weekend and they will be able to be baptized shortly after. I am way excited for it! This week we found out why Diane let us in. It is pretty cool. We prayed about where to knock doors and then when we knocked her door I got the prompting to talk super excited and happy! The other day she said that she was super tired that day and she would not of let us in but because I was excited she knew that it was important. It is pretty awesome to see just listen to the spirit on how I should talk made a huge difference. 

The other baptism this week was from a little brother of our recent convert. It was pretty fun teaching him. Everyday we would have to play a game of hide and go seek for him to listen to us. It was not because he didn't want to be taught but because he thought it was funny! hahaha It was a good baptism! The mom is loving the church. She comes every week. She really wants to get baptized. She justs needs to get married first. They have almost 30 years together but it is difficult to convince the husband to get married. 

This week a missionary from the branch came home. It was super cool to see how happy his family was to see him. Everyone in the branch was super excited. There was a big party for him with lots of food, but we were fasting so we didn't eat anything. 

This week the members of Rio Verde will go to temple. Unfortunately we will never have that opportunity to go on the mission.... but they will bring me back some stuff from the visitor center. (garments and other stuff) 

This week was super hot so I bought some sunscreen. It is a bit expensive here but it is probably a tad cheaper than treatment for skin cancer. It is a good motivation to use sunscreen! 

This week I finished the Pearl of Great Price and I will start studying the Old Testament. It is really neat using studying the Bible because it strengthens my testimony on the Church. All the doctrines of the church are in the scriptures. I was reading a part in the old testament the other day and it talked about a sea of water in the tabernacle sitting on top of 12 oxen. Reading the New Testament especially strengthens my testimony on how there really was a Church of Jesus Christ in the days of Christ. The scriptures really are amazing! We can learn so much from them and they can be a solution to all our problems and answers to all our questions. 

Thank you very much for all your prayers and everything that you do for me! 


Elder Wild

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