Monday, July 28, 2014

July27th, 2014


This week was super good! But super cold! hahaha I thought that the cold would never come! It was raining a lot and the temp. was super low! But it was a nice change. It was funny we would go to teach people and they would be all cuddled up in their biggest blankets with just their faces showing. It is pretty funny! For the baptism this week we boiled some water and mixed it in with the water that was in the baptism font. I dont think it made too much of a difference. 

This week we were really focused on how we can better follow the Spirit. We did the usual routine of praying were to knock doors and we did that. When we got to the road we didn't have any luck. But I knew that there was at least someone on that street that would let us in and accept our invitations. When we got to a door we almost just moved on but got that feeling like we should knock anyway. We knocked the door and a woman came to the door. We told her that we were missionaries of the ........ and that we had a message really special that we wanted to share with her. Then she said like what? We talked a little about prophets and apostles.... Then she asked What do I need to be saved? Then we started to teach her about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She started getting teary eyed and said that the exact moment we knocked on her door she was praying to God to send her angels to show her the way. We didn't know if we should cry with her or starting screaming in excitement! It was really awesome! She is super smart in the scriptures. She sleeps about 1 hour every day and so she studies A LOT! The good thing is that this is the true Church so there is nothing to hide or to be worry about! With only one week knowing her there is already many awesome stories! 

This sunday all the classes and meetings were perfect for her! She really loved it! The talks were nearly directly toward her! We will put her on date this week! 

This week we will go to the court house to get a family that we are teaching married. Unfortunately it will be 20 days of process time. And all the papers have to be perfect. If any of the documents are hard to read, they have to have someone mail them to them. Its a rough process, but it will all be worth it! 

wow Hawaii.... That is way awesome! hahaha That will be something that he will remember for the rest of his life! He better take a bunch of pictures. Or at least visit the temple or something! That is way awesome for him! hahaha Looks like I will have to chose my friends wisely when I get home! hahaha 

I am always praying for you and I always feel your prayers and strength! I am so grateful to hear that my family is doing so well and so strong. That is really good for a missionary to hear! Keep it up!

One of the greatest commandments to keep is to endure to the end. If we don't endure to the end it doesn't matter how much we did before we fail, because we failed. We didn't finish. If the worlds fastest runner runs a race and is ahead, but just before the finish line they stop, they wont receive recognition for being in the front during the race. They we receive regrets for not finishing in first! 

Thank you for everything! I  love you all! I am so grateful for such wonderful family and friends! 


Elder Wild

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