Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14th, 2014

That is super good to hear about the work in the temple! Keep it up! All the branches here in Rio Verde will go to the temple in 2 weeks. I will probably ask them to bring me back some stuff at the distribution center. It is a lot cheaper here to buy things than to have you send them. For example garments are 1.67 and that in the Real. (50cents) Its pretty cheap! 

The work here is going really good! We have found a few families this week. They have been all helping us gain some more unneeded weight. Every appointement that we have we try to run out the door but they have already premade something for us to eat. One day we ate a meal in every house that we went by. By the end of the day we felt so sick. haha but at least we are getting fed! I hear of some missions that it is hard to be full and they always have hunger. It is a blessing to be serving here. 

This week we had a meeting with the branch president. He is a really awesome guy. He told us the story about rio verde. He was baptized when the church was first starting here. He talked about how he wanted to split off from the center branch to make to Popular Branch, everyone told him that it wouldn't work and that they needed to wait some time. (at the time only had 5 priesthood holders) But they did it anyway and now Popular Branch is the strongest branch in the city with a attendance of 140 with 30 priesthood. It is super possible. If Peter could baptize 3000 in one day, why cant we baptize 80 in almost 3 months? To have miracles, we need to have faith. 

Now the Branch president has a vision of getting us qualified to be a stake so our branch has a goal of 80 baptisms in 2 1/2 months! and a attendance of 200! So these next two months will be running from appointment to appointment to not lose any time. I hope that I will stay here at least till the end of september! This is a really good area. It is super fun! 

It is really cool to see all the people excited to make a stake here. The members are always helping us out and giving references. 

This week there will be a rodeo. It is the 3rd biggest rodeo in Brazil. They have this huge stadium that they built up! We probably wont have the opportunity to attend. But we will probably hear it at night. 

Well I hope things are going well there! I love you all a lot! 

Elder Wild

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