Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23 2014 One Year Out!


This week was so crazy!!!! It was super awesome! 

It was a rough week to go by. We had an activity planned to bring the investiagors to church. It was the same activity that you guys did a few weeks ago more or less. But we did it and had 42 investigators in Church on sunday! hahaha it was pretty awesome! Afterwards the people in the ward made a giant lunch for everyone. It was pretty cool! 

We are working a lot and we are always tired! But I guess that is a good thing! We had another baptism this week and it was pretty cool! Her name is Monica and she is doing super well. Because we have District Conference this next week we wont have any baptism meetings, but we already have people lined up for the next week. 

You said that it should be gettng cooler here. The difference between the winter and the summer her is it is that it is super super hot or just super hot! haha It is still pretty hot but right now it is bearable. 

Now for the questions....

1) What has been the very best thing about serving your mission?
Just being here seeing that what we do makes a difference in peoples lives. It is pretty awesome to see the changes and everything. 

2) What scripture has become your favorite?
Jacob 5. It talks about the world before Christ, after Christ, the apostacy, and our days now. Super good

3) What have you enjoyed most about tracting?
I love praying on where to go, we choose a street, go there, knock doors, and find the people ready to except the gospel. On every street that the Lord chooses, there is at least one person waiting. 

4) What was your funniest memory of this last year?
One of my companions taking a laxative and the effect didnt come until the day after when we were eating lunch. hahahahaha 

5) What has been the most embarrassing thing to happen to you as a missionary?
I was picking up a heavy box of books for the bishop in our my first area and my pants split and i didnt know how to explain what happened so I had to show that my pants ripped. (I got them mended)

6) What do you miss most from home?
The hounds. I saw a dog the other day that was exactly like Jersey and Jed but with a lot more hair. It was pretty awesome! and my family!

7) What is your favorite p-day activity?
Because we cant play soccer, we just have a goalie and someone to shoot the ball. That is the best

8) What has been the most difficult thing, but something you felt you've been able to overcome on your mission?
The language definately. 

9) How has your testimony of Jesus Christ changed by being a full time missionary?
That really through Him, we can do anything. This is His work. And that no matter what a person does, they are still a son or daughter of God and that they came to the Earth with the same purpose that we did: To return and live in His presence as a family.  And that we are not to deny the blessing of the Restored Gospel to anyone. 

10) What will you tell others is the best way to prepare for a mission?
Decide to go. and Read the Book of Mormon as many times as you can. 

We are finding a lot of people to teach and help them have a better life. It is such a good experience! It is something that I will never regret. It really is the best thing in the World! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Wild
PS Thank you again for the pictures! They were awesome! I forgot to say that the Nelson Farm Christmas package came! Thank you very much! I loved it a lot! It was so nice to read everyone's cards! 

Thank you for being so positive in these tough times! It really helps me out to know my family is happy still! 

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