Monday, June 9, 2014

June 9th, 2014

Before I forget I will tell you about the priesthood. This keyboard is super sticky (the keys just stick) and it is hard to write, but I will do my best! 

My favorite thing about the priesthood is that it is what makes us different than anyother church. Any one can build a temple if they have the money, any one can put the title prophet or apostle in front of their name, anyone can walk around all day with the Book of Mormon, buy a name tag that says Elder Wild, any one can build a pretty chapel.... BUT the one thing that anyone cant do is hold the priesthood. only in the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints in which a worthy man can have the authority of God to do all these things. I can show people exactly how I got my priesthood through an unbroken line. You see that the success of the Church is because of the Priesthood. Without the Priesthood, we are just another church. 

This week was pretty good! I got super tired. Everyday I waked up thinking seriously!? Already 6:30? We walked so much this week! We would get to 4pm and would have to sit down for a few minutes to stretch my legs. BUT..... the blessings of all that walking this week were huge! There were many fruits to our labors. Between us four missionaries we brought 24 investigators to church! It was pretty awesome! I also had the opportunity to be the choraster for the branch this last week! that was an interesting experience. hahaha I also got to give a talk on missionary work. it was super fun! The branch president was super excited for the work we are doing!  We have a attendance of 135 and we have a goal for the Branch to have 240 in two weeks. We will have the members bring all their friends. It is like that activity that you had in Idaho the other week. 

This week I got a haircut from another missionary. He said that he had all the numbers. But really what he meant was he had a #2 and to cut my hair longer he would just hold the hair clipper higher off the top of my head.... I didn't realize that until he already started cutting my hair. lets just say my hair is a bit short right now! hopefully it will grow out until i see president. When I need to cut my hair again, I will pay the R$7 to get the hair cut. ($3.25US dollars)

This week our President said that we have to stay inside during the World Cup. (During Brazil) It will cut down on our work load, but we will be able to start earlier in the morning and finish a bit earlier. 
Hope you have a super good week! Love you all!

Elder Wild

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