Monday, October 7, 2013

Sept 9th

That is neat that you talked to Kyle. Thank you for all your prayers and fasting. I can tell they have been working! Everyday I am feeling more and more confident. But I wouldn't say I'm completely fluent yet. I am able to teach, and to talk to people. I understand the important words so I can kind of make out what they are saying. 

So this week was awesome in so many ways.

First off, we still have these memorized lessons that have been a pain in the butt to memorize and I just memorized the main one that take most people a few months! But as you know PMG tells you to teach by the spirit and not memorized lessons. It was hard for me at first because I had just been in the CTM for 6 weeks learning about how we teach from what we know. And memorizing these lessons was the complete opposite. Anyway, the new mission Presidente made the announcement that we are to follow Preach My Gospel completely. And that we are to no longer teach memorized lessons. I was so happy! My companion was too but he has a harder time with this because he has been teaching these lessons for 1 year and 8 months. But I think he will come around. He said that it will just be a hard transition. 

So now in companionship study, we just have to practice teaching. 

This week we will have one baptism for a little girl that is 8. She is way excited. We were walking down the street and a member called us over and we taught the family that she was with. The mom is going to be an amazing member, but she has to decide to either live separate from her spouse or get married. Hopefully this week we can help her make a decision. Hopefully she decides to get married. 

Another funny experience this week was we were knocking doors... In Brazil you clap your hands and the girl came to the gate in nothing but a towel. I didn't really know what to say so I didn't say anything. But then I asked if this was a bad time and she said no. But then she went and put clothes on and let us in afterward. She came to church yesterday. It was a good experience for her. The people that we bring to church really like the Gospel Doctrines class. Before the class the teacher said we are learning about talents. Debora told me that she didn't have talents and I just laughed and said that she has many. After the lesson she told me about all her talents for her two daughters and it was really cool. 

I am really sorry about the spelling on these emails. The keyboards are a bit different... And I don't know where the quotation marks are and I don't want to use valuable time to find them. hahaha

Well its good to hear all is well and that Dad is getting more work. 

I will write a letter today and try to get it in the mail. We will see. 

I love you all! Thanks for being a part of my life!! 

elder Wild

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