Monday, October 7, 2013

Sept 30, 2013

First off, I want to thank you very much for your package. The pictures were awesome!! I liked the annotations on the back too! Foi muito bom. I am very grateful to have such a loving family! You don't know how lucky I am! I know missionaries that say their family writes them and tells them that they will not be at the airport to pick them up. I could not even imagine this! I am so grateful to have a family that prays for me, and that writes me, and sends me letters and pictures every month! Every time I think about how blessed I am, I want to cry! So thank you very much!!

If you want me to answer questions this is the best way cause it is right in front of me and I wont forget! ahaha

1)  What kinds of food do you eat?

Rice and Beans. haha but lately the Members have been getting to know us better and have BBQ with us. It is way good. The meat is grilled perfectly. Almost matches Ruths grilling. 

2)  Are most of the people Brazillian, or do they come from all parts of the world?

Everyone is Brazilian. There are people from different states of Brazil but they are all from Brazil. They all look different though. Some are darker than others, and few are even whiter than me. 

3)  Do you walk everywhere, or take a bus?  Is the church very far away?

We are blessed and the chapel is a 5 min walk. But mostly we walk everywhere. But we use the bus a lot too. Our area is the biggest area in the mission. it is huge!!!! We have one city in our area that is 60km away. I haven't been there yet. Our Bishop wants us to work in the areas closer to the chapel because we need to strengthen this area. 

4)  Do you have a ward mission leader you work with, or just with the bishop?  

Our mission leader is amazing! He is a very hard worker and is always helping us with new ways and getting referrals for us. But we work with the bishop too. He is an amazing man. He has 4 very young kids. And lives about an hour and a half bus ride from the chapel. And he doesn't have a car, so he uses the bus. His family is awesome! He is such a great man! 

5)  What do you do on your p-day?

P-day... We study till 10, then we go email, then we buy food, clean our house, take a nap, write letters, and then back to missionary work. Today we are going to go to a store that has a lot of ties for really cheap. I asked a member this week if there were any national park type things. I will try to go to one to really see Brazil. Not just the city...

This week was awesome! First off, we had a baptism for Sandila. I really didn't think she would pass the interview but she did. Barely. Under the condition that we work with her a lot after baptism. But after the baptism and when she received the gift of the Holy Ghost, I could see a huge difference. She was more happy, she was more excited. It was awesome! Her family was baptized a few months ago but she didn't want too. Now her family is complete!!

You always ask for a scripture, and I always forget. So this week I will do better. Read the topical guide description for Zion. This week I studied a little about zion. I explained to the members that it is important that we build zion. Moses 7:18 and then the blessings of building zion 1 Ne 13:37? I think... Member missionary work is very key in building Zion and making the ward stronger. 

This week I did not get transferred. I was bummed at first. I wanted to stay in the ward but I wanted change. But at the transfer meeting, I was happy and felt the Christ like love for Elder Batista. I haven't had any problems with him since. I told him that I wanted to work harder with the members because our old way was not working (knocking doors). This week we have a goal to not knock a single door. We are going to work through the members, recent converts, and less actives. It is amazing how many more references we get by doing this. 

Also, The stake President came and visited us this week and told the ward council that the members need to make a greater effort in giving references to the missionaries. I was so happy to hear this! 

Also this week, the other set of missionaries got transferred to another city in our area, and we got a group of sisters. It was interesting. This week they were chased by 3 men. They ran to a members house and waited there. Then a member came and picked them up in his car and brought them to their house. Earlier this week, they lost their keys so they haven't been locking their door. But they do have a lock to the gate and the other door. But when they returned one night, their door was locked.... spooky? But its all good now. They changed the lock and we haven't had any problems since. 

Well I am running low on time, And there are a lot more stories that I want to tell you, but they will just have to wait till when I come home! hahahaha

Dad, I am sorry I can't write you this week, But I am glad to hear you are getting better gas mileage. 

Mom, I bought some sunscreen with the credit card. should be around 30 dollars. 

family- Again, thank you for sending me letters and the photos. I am so blessed!!!!

Jayson, congrats on the Brazilian. 


Elder Wild

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