Monday, October 7, 2013

Sept 16th, 2013

That is so sad to hear about Estes Park. Wow I really love that place. I guess I will have to mountain bike up there when I get home instead of road bike...

But I must say... those Colorado Rocky Mountains look amazing. Green and awesome. I miss them! 

This week was awesome. The baptism went well for Waleska. Her mom Debora was crying pretty hard. She will be baptized soon. 

This week was also crazy cause I was on a 4 day split with the zone leader. It was supposed to be for 1 day, then it was changed for 2. Then during he was like, we don't have time to switch you back so we will just be companions for a few days. It was a fun time. I learned so much from him. I learned to really follow the spirit. 

I have been having small problems with me not teaching for a majority part of the lesson, because my companion doesn't know that I know the lessons in portuguese. But when we switched, the zone leader told him that I taught all the lessons perfectly. My companion was surprised. Yesterday we taught the plan of salvation to a family and we traded off quite often and the spirit was much stronger and we were able to teach so much better! 

During my split we were teaching this guy that lives in a house the size of your closet! Oven, sink, bed, and a small table. Then there is a community bathroom outside. Anyway, we were teaching the lesson and a missionary came to the window and said that another missionary needed help with a baptism interview "now." (another set of missionaries were giving the baptism interview in the same lot) and so Elder Loveless (the zone leader/my companion) left, and Elder Myrick came in and joined in on the lesson. Elder Myrick does not know a lot of portuguese. But we taught the first lesson and committed him to going to church on sunday. Miracle of the gift of tongues! It was really funny because Elder Myrick kept trying to get the man we were teaching to read but he kept saying that he didn't know how to read. But Elder Myrick didn't understand that. I just tried not to laugh.  The zone leader was very impressed with us. 

Another mini miracle: We came in to teach this one guy we contacted on the street and him and his brother were just leaving. We convinced the one guy to stay and listen to our lesson with his family, but the brother left. A half hour later the brother came back, and said that he got jumped and all his money, phone, and other stuff were taken. If he would have stayed, he would have been fine. haha.

This has been a good week overall. At zone meeting this week I got your letter about education week.  I loved how we should make our houses like a temple. I liked that a lot. Way awesome! Thank you for sending letters! Again, I am very grateful to get mail every month. It is such a good feeling!  I also got your letter about leaving the ctm. The mission ties sent it to the ctm and they just now forward it to me. 

You asked about my acne. It is a lot better than it was in the ctm. I decided to not use any of that face wash and just use water to wash my face. And my face is more clear. Funny how that works. The members are super nice and helpful. One girl tried to give me some of her make up. She tried to tell me it was for men but I wont buy that. They are always trying to give me creams and stuff. One guy told me to rub bamboo leaves on my face. I wont try that. 

Well I love you all very much and thank you for all the letters and emails. The language is going good and I am having a good time. 

Thank you also for your prayers. I will pray for those in Estes and our new Stake President. And my family of course!

I love you all!

Elder Wild

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