Monday, February 24, 2014

Feb 24th, 2014

Its good to hear that you guys are busy with the house. I am sure someone will buy it super fast. Thats way exciting!
This week was super busy and super rushed. My companion went to the hospital for an upset stomach. haha He ordered to have an endoscopy done. Its a good thing he did because he has these two pockets in his esophagus that collect food every time he eats. This creates bacteria and it is causing something wrong in the stomach. If he doesn't treat this infection soon, he will have stomach cancer..... So it is good we spent a few days in the hospital. We also saw a few miracles just from spending time in the hospital. We were entering and this man came running across the street calling us. He was on the verge of crying. And kept repeating I cant believe it! He and his wife moved to Caldas Novas a few weeks ago and couldn't find a church. So they had been having church in their house just the two of them. He was so happy to find us. The next day we went to their house with the branch president and we pulled up and they already opened their front door and came running up to us. It was pretty funny. They were so happy that they found us. They are an older couple from Sao Paulo and served a mission together a few years ago in reactivation. They will be a great help to all of us.
This type of thing happened a lot this week. It was pretty cool! I have been trying to leave a card (that has a picture of Christ and the name of the church and a map and hours on it) in all places for people to see that the church is back again.
 another funny story. There is this family in the ward with a son that is having some obedience issues. He is also robbing and doing other bad stuff. They already have him on a tight chain, but things still aren't going good. The dad was talking to me and was said that he really doesn't know what to do more. He has tried everything from talking nice to giving him the belt. Then I thought to myself `what would my dad do?` I told him that he needs to take everything away from him because he has fancy clothes, expensive watches, gold bracelets, expensive shoes, everything fancy. I told him that my dad would just take everything I had and pick me up and drop me off to every class if I did this... hahaha So today his son came home to an empty room. no clothes, no shoes, no nothing. haha he took his deodorant, hair gel, EVERYTHING! hahahahahahaha. He gave his son some old jean shorts and a polo for school with some old stinky shoes. hahahahahaha. And sure enough the dad walked in the school to his first class today. hahaha. I am so glad I did not have to go through this.
This week was fairly good. besides the hospital. We found a lot of new people to teach and are getting to know the members pretty good. It is weird being so far from everything, but one day there will be a strong ward here and not just 20 people in the school house.
This week I finally gave my first talk in sacrament meeting. I talked about how we are a covenant people. I told the story of the Lamanites making the covenant to never kill again. it was pretty good. i thought. hahaha
Well this keyboard is driving me crazy so I cant write a whole lot more. Hope all goes well with the trip this week and selling the house. send me lots of pictures when your hands heal and get some rest! hahaha love you all!
elder wild
this is the picture of the couple we found at the hospital, and my companion crossing the street after 10 minutes of convincing him that he will just have to get wet. hahahhahaha

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