Monday, February 10, 2014

Feb 10th, 2014

Oi família! 

This week has been good as always. Especially this sunday. We had a baptism this week but becasue we dont have a font, we had it in someones pool in their house. It was pretty cool.   

The branch here meets in a school, but the school called on saturday afternoon and said that we couldnt meet there on sunday because they had a city meeting there on sunday. So we had to scramble to find a house to meet. We had the meeting at the same house that we had the baptism. It was pretty strange sitting on a bed for priesthood meeting. But it was one of the most spiritual sundays I have had on the mission. It was really cool.  I am not sure when we will move the church into that pink house but it should be in a month or so. As for now, we will just meet wherever we can. haha It is neat there is a family that brings the electric piano and all the hymn books every week. I think that once we have an established meeting place, the branch will grow a lot quicker. 

This week we would be walking in the streets and people would stop us and be super excited that Caldas Novas has missionaries again. They said that they were baptized 10-15 years ago but the branch closed. We also found this older lady that lived alone in this huge house. We started to teach her and were talking about baptism. She told us that the person that baptized her had authority and everything. She said she was baptized in the water and it was a valid baptism. She said, `I will show you a picture of my baptism!` She grabbed the picture and it was here infont of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and had 2 sets of missionaries standing next to her. hahaha I guess she forgot which church she was baptized. 

My new companion.... He only has 4 or 5 months in the mission. It is all good. He works hard with a little push but I guess that is why I am here. Every day I see exaclty why I was sent here. It is pretty cool. He is from Curritiba. Continue to pray for us! 

I also wanted to tell you a story about our branch  President. 

He is a doctor from São Paulo. He had a practice well established there and had everything. Family, work, temple, good schooling, and they had a good life there! He got a job offer to Caldas Novas and he came here and they prayed about it and they felt like leaving everything behind in São Paulo was the right choice, even though work was good there, the church was strong there, and all of their family was there. After they sold their house and moved to Caldas, he was called to be the branch president. Shortly after, the job he was promissed fell through. He still had many options back in São Paulo and people were giving him many  opportunities to go and work there. But he knew that he was called to serve here and help the branch here. He found a few places to work for and he is doing well here, but he knows that he is not here in Caldas for the work. He is here to be the Branch President of Caldas Novas. He is a good example to me on how I need to sacrifice everything for the will of God. 

I am excited for you guys to move to Idaho. Make sure to take a lot of pictures of the move, the new house, the house that you are leaving, and everything. Dont worry about the package. Thank you for just sending an email to the office. They get frustrated when a lot of people call the office. 

We have an apartment. It is pretty nice. And we have a lunch everyday with the members. Food is not a problem here. It is nice not having a bus system here because now we have more money to buy food. But I can assure you all is well. 

Have a super good week! I love you all! 

Elder Wild

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