Monday, February 17, 2014

Feb 17th, 2014


This week was crazy fast flew by like it was only one day. We had our pday on Monday. Tuesday we got a call that we need to get to the bus station immediately, we picked up some tickets to travel the next morning to Uberlandia. (a city super long, another state) The next morning we did our normal routine, then ate lunch, then had a 7 hour bus ride to Ublandia for a zone conference. I has a super good bus ride! I read half of Alma. I learned a lot and then when we got there we went to bed. Then we had the zone conference the next day. But the missionary that bought our tickets messed something up so we had an extra day outside of our area. We got back into Caldas Novas about 1030 at night on Friday. We had Saturday and Sunday to work, and now we are here! 

The zone conference was way good! It got me excited to work and to talk to everyone. He talked about how we are really talking part in the gathering of Israel. 

Sunday was good, we had church in the school again, but the pink house that the church almost bought some other guy jumped in and out bought us. (the story for now) So we found another one that is way better! IT has a soccer court, swimming pool, and a bbq place and is super big and has lots of rooms for meeting. The swimming pool will be good for activities and baptisms. just needs a good clean. 

This week we marked a date for this woman to be baptized in a few weeks. It was a lesson that I felt the spirit more strong than any other lesson. It was super powerful. She talked about how she planned her suicide and went up to do it, then she saw a vision of her grandchildren and decided not to do it. We taught her the plan of salvation the other week and one of her friends was about to commit suicide, but this woman we are teaching (Marta) explained that our time here on earth is very precious and we cant afford to lose it. I was so happy to hear that the things we teach actually affect people. Unfortunately she has health problems and couldn't go to church. But it will all work our if it is Gods will for her to be baptized. 

This week we are on the conquest to find more families and men to be baptized. Our branch is lacking priesthood and it is something that is super crucial. We will do some fasting and praying. I ALWAYS see really good miracles from fasting. Even more miracles come when I get around to paying the fast offering. haha 

Sorry the letter is short (but sweet) this week. I love you all and get some good relaxing time in. 

If I need the card I will use it. I used it the other day to buy a watch cause mine broke and my companion was getting  sick of me asking what time it was... hahaha dont worry it is really modest and simple. It is a casio, but just a really plain and simple watch. 

thanks a bunch. 

love you all!!!
have a steller week!

Remember to relax. lay in bed and just breathe. I learned that his week and a book we got from the mission on how to have a stress free mission and how to deal with stress. haha. its a good one. 

ps this picture looks like i have put on a few KGs but it is just the shirt is big. (I hope) haha 
`FAMILY the key word of life`

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