Monday, August 19, 2013

First week in the mission field! Monday, Aug 19th

It seems like forever since I have emailed you! I was looking forward to it when I walked to the Lan house today. Its just a room with a bunch of computers and it is very hot in here!! 

My companion is way good!  I am his 7th trainee. He is almost done. At first I think he was sad because he wanted a leadership position but he is happy to train. He doesn't speak a lot of English. I probably know more Portuguese than he knows English!  It is weird emailing today because this is the most English I have used all week. 

My companion is from Sao Paulo. His name is Elder Santos. He is a good worker and is here for the right reason. We are going to do well together. The language has been tough and it is rough to talk during lessons because he talks a lot, but I just need to interrupt and say something (that's what he said I should do). But every lesson we teach gets better and better. I can really see the gift of tongues working and it is really awesome. Sometimes it is hard because I want to explain things but I can't cause I don't know how. 

This week we met with the mother of a member. She has heard all the lessons but doesn't believe in the book of mormon. We shared some scriptures and asked her to pray right then to see if it was true. When she was done praying, she was crying. It reminded me of you (mom) when you prayed to know if the church was true. There is also a mom that is less active that reminds me of you. (not the less active part) When we walked into their house (even though it is a different type of house), it was clean and well organized. 

Thats good to hear Bear Lake was good! Sounds like Brooklyn will be a good addition to the family. 

This week when I was flying into Goiania, I saw these massive buildings out in the middle of nowhere. I took a picture of them cause they were really cool. The next day at transfer meeting I got called to the Ipranja ward. After many bus rides, and walking, those same buildings where right by our house! I have pictures but I forgot my camera today... maybe next week! 

The Mission president is cool! He has a really nice apartment in the center of Goiania. I am in the out skirts of the city. I am pretty sure it is safe where I'm at.  I haven't gotten jumped yet. hahaha. Other missionaries say that it rarely happens. And if it does, it is because you were looking more like a tourist. We are in a pretty friendly area. I would say that we are able to get in to 6 out of 10 houses that we contact. 

Well time is up! That went fast! I have to email the mission president too. Its hard because I have to write in Portuguese cause he doesn't speak English.

Well I love you all very much!! Sorry Dad, Jenna and Jayson that I didn't have time to email you but I do love you all!!

Thank you very much for your prayers!!


Elder Wild

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