Saturday, August 10, 2013

Last few days at the CTM

Yeah I did receive Jordans email last week and wrote him this week. I opened it, started to reply, then went on to another email. I guess I forgot to reply..,. sorry Jordan!! But I did get your mail via missionties!! THANK YOU! It is so awesome getting mail! Is it expensive? I am also glad you got my mail! I wrote one more thank you note and I will put it in the mail either today or when I get to Goiania. I think if I use priority mail it is a lot faster. I will keep the missionties service in mind.
I will fly to Goiania on Tuesday. It is really far from Sao Paulo. I would say about a 2-3 hour flight. I am very excited for it though!!
The last 5 and half weeks have been great, BUT I am way excited to go teach and work! I have learned a lot about the language, and the importance of being obedient.
Today at the temple was our first session in English (normally we use the translating headphones). We did that because now there are more english speakers here and there were mostly english speakers in the room. How is the new endowment video? I heard one reason that they made a new one was because in english we say stuff in fewer words so when they would play the movie in another language the speaking would have to go super fast to keep up with the video.
Visas have been coming in like crazy. Just last week all the new missionaries from America more than doubled the Americans already here! Crazy huh? The districts are getting bigger and more english speakers. However since my district is in our last week we still only have 2 elders and 3 sisters. Elder Clark (Jacob Clark) came in this week. It was good to see him. It looked like he was doing well but I think NY lost one of his luggage. Hope he gets that back.
There are 3 more elders going to Goiania with me on Tuesday. One hispanic from Peru I think, and two Brazilians.
I haven't heard anything about me being able to call. I think when I get to the mission home maybe I'll be able to?? I have also heard that you will be able to talk to the Presidents wife while I am in the room. haha
I am sure there will be some form of communication when I get to Goiania. I really have no idea what that will be right now.
Jayson keep working on that eagle
Jenna have fun babysitting! haha sorry to hear about those rough kids!
Dad keep working hard! Thank you very much!
Dogs: stop barking when someone comes to the door
Mom: Love you a lot and thank you for all your emails and letters! I enjoy them a lot! I know that I am loved!
Elder Wild

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