Friday, July 26, 2013

Wow that sounds like you had a great week! Thank you for the picture of the dogs. I can't print it out here though.

2 weeks left on Tuesday! I am very excited and ready to get to work for real. This week was awesome. On Wed we went out and handed copy's of the Book of Mormon about a half hour walk from the mtc. It was really fun. They just told us to be back by 3 and to have fun with it. The first contact was very hard just because I was so nervous that they wouldn't know what I am saying but they understood me perfectly. We gave out 6 books. and everyone was super awesome. As soon as we stopped and talked to people they got excited and happy. Then when we mentioned Jesus Christ they really chimed in. It was a great experience!

I got pick pocketed for the first time while I was out. I was handing this grandma a Book of Mormon from my bag and all of the sudden some guy came and grabbed the book right out of my hands and walked away while laughing. I still had another Book so I didn't worry too much about it. Then I ran into him like 15 minutes later and explained to him the importance of the Book of Mormon and told him what it was about. It was pretty funny! I also made a bunch of those origami missionary shirts and I was able to give those out to all these little kids walking in the street. That was pretty cool.

It has been super cold here! And the CTM doesn't have heating so it just is really cold. My roommate brought his blanket to his class because it was too cold out! The building was designed for really warm weather so everything is open to the outside. It is hard to explain but a majority of the building is like a courtyard except, for the bedrooms and classrooms. So it's just really cold. Luckily I brought a sweater and a rain jacket. It also has been raining a lot too, which is really nice!

I haven't gone to Mr. Cheneys yet today but I will go there later. Thanks in advance for the shake! I guess I will get it today when I go out into the city! I'll also send some mail today.

The CTM experience is really great and I am loving the learning! But I am really looking forward to going out and teach real investigators (but I need to make the best of the time I have here). I can't believe those other missionaries would do that! Well actually I can... There are a few of those disobedient types here. And my teachers said there are more in the field. There isn't much you can do because if you get mad a them, they will get worse and not do ANYTHING. Luckily my companion is super good and we do well together.

The other day, we got a new fake investigator for training. He has a pornography addiction and his wife left him with this kid. Luckily, he realizes that it is really bad and wrong, but I am excited to see him progress and overcome this. So far we have talked to him about the power in reading the Book of Mormon and how Christ loves us and wants to help with all our problems. I think that Elder Johnson and I will do a good job! We only teach him once a week, but we get to teach for 40 min.

I love you all very much and it is awesome to hear Jayson is getting his eagle, and Jenna had a good time at camp.

Love you all! Thanks for your example to me!
Elder Wild

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