Friday, July 12, 2013

Elder Wild's first letter home!

Sorry for spelling and capital errors, the key boards are different here.
Brazil is way sweet! The first day we walked around the city and it was way cool. Later today I will go out and explore the city. So my companion... he went home at the beginning of the week because he broke his knee cap playing volleyball. Since there are no American elders in my district, I am companions with 3 sister missionaries. Hahahahaha it is pretty funny especially walking around the ctm with them. I am getting my new companion today so that will be way sweet to have a real companion. The second day we were here we taught an investigator in Portuguese. \it was really hard but I am picking it up really fast. All the Brazilians are super impressed with my language so far especially for only being out for one week. The days go by pretty quick which is good. I still get to play volleyball everyday so that has been way fun for me. The ctm is way pretty! They have an outdoor track that is in an old alley way so it is super narrow and then there are some volleyball and basket ball courts.
The day before my companion went home for surgery (elder Ayers) we were talking about our misson goals and he said that he wants to at least plant a seed in one person. I thought that was weird especially cause he is in brazil going to a high baptizing mission (goiania) and the next day he broke his knee cap. He went to the hospital right away but took a taxi because they are safer than the ambulances. when he got back from the hospital he said that he fulfilled his mission goal because he was able to share the gospel with the nurse. The instructor that went with him said that he spoke nearly perfect Portuguese and the lesson was awesome. Yes he did go home early, but he did plant a seed. Sad to see him go. He took it really well. It was sad because he had surgery 4 months ago and his doctor told him to take it easy. He broke his knee cap off the jump.
My sister companions are super cool. Sister Jennings, Busath, and Cozzens. I just meet them on their floor in the morning and spend the day with them and then don't have a companion for the rest of the night. | do have 2 Brazilian roommates who are super cool. One of them speaks good english, the other is learning.
Language study is going good. I can hold a good gospel conversation with someone for about a half hour to forty five minutes. Pretty good for one week right?
Packages and don't send or use! dearelder is out of provo so I just got your letter yesterday because it send from provo. So you are better off just sending it yourself. Also don't send packages to the CTM! They said that it is much easier to just send money or wire to banks cause sending packages is expensive. You also have to declare everything and are taxed on it. Also if you fail to declare something, and you go through customs and they find it, I get in trouble. they have had some missionaries go to jail cause they got caught with medicine.
any way 30 seconds left. love you lots and thanks for the sacrifice!!
ELder wild
Went to the temple today. \it is super pretty. I think the ctm will send you a picture pretty soon. 

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