Saturday, July 20, 2013

July 19, 2013

Hey Mom and Family!!
I really do look forward to every pday being able to write home. THANK YOU very much for the pictures in the mail!! I loved them! best present I could get!
Brazil is awesome! It was fun going around to all the shops and trying to talk to people. My new companion is super cool. His name is Elder Johnson. He is super fun and we have a good time together. We are always laughing and doing fun stuff. The language is coming along really great! I am excited to be able to go out and teach. From next Tuesday I will be half way done with the ctm. It is flying by pretty quick!
Everything is working out good. I bought a triple combo at the distribution center so that's very nice to have. It was 17 dollars. Not too bad. So there is a thing that is right across the street from the ctm. It is called mr. chenneys I think... Not sure. I just thought it was silly to get a letter all the way from provo but they were still appreciated. Went to the temple again today and it was super awesome. 
This week Elder Johnson and I were given 40 minutes to teach a lesson to a member and we used all 40 of it! It was good conversation too. It is amazing on how quick I am learning the language.
I took some really cool photos from my bedroom the other night looking out at Sao Paulo. I will print them and send them off. I wrote most the thank you notes but I don't remember exactly who to write them. I will probably get them in the mail next Friday cause I want to have the pictures printed out and send everything in one letter.
I always seem so rushed on the email.
Today the directer of mtcs came and talked to us.  He asked us how many we have in our family.  He then said well look in this room! This is your family.
Then showed a picture of all the mtcs in the world and said this is your family.
Then he showed us a number of all the missionaries in the world (70,000) and said This is your family! Super powerful and inspiring.
Love you guys a lot and Love hearing from you!
Hope girls camp goes well!
And Camping
Elder Wild

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