Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014

Oi! Família! 
This week was super good! It was pretty equal to last week! Super Busy and always teaching a bunch! And yes I am still tired! Every morning I always say `wow its already 6:30!` But by now my legs are used to walking a lot. 

It is starting to get a little cooler. On Sunday I was able to wear the suit jacket for a few hours. But then the sun came out again. But it was still a good Sunday. That is really neat about your convert story. I will have to tell them about that. This week they got even more distant from us because they asked `Who is Jehovah?` And they didn't agree with our response, so I studied a lot about this these last days and will be able to help them understand who is Jehovah. It is amazing what you can learn when you are praying, studying, and pondering the scriptures. But I am sure they will come around. 

I like being able to tell people that they can ask us anything and if we don't know an answer we will find one for them. Study is one of my favorite times of the day. 

This week we had the feeling to knock a few doors. The allotted time had already passed for knocking doors but we felt we should go knock anyway a few doors on the street we had chosen the night before. The first door we knocked a lady came to the door and invited us in quickly and said that she was waiting our visit. Her and her husband gave the missionaries a ride home the other day because one was not feeling good and couldn't walk so they helped them out. They got their address, but they didn't pass it over to us. It is pretty neat what happens when you follow the Spirit! 

This week we took an investigator to a baptism this week and he felt the Spirit super strong. He then told me that he wants to come to Church every week. We will work some more with him and his brother. 

Know that I am super grateful for my family! I love everyone of you! I am so grateful to have a family behind me on the mission. It is always a good reminder to look and help the people as Christ would. It is so much better to help other people with the desire to help them, rather than a number to put in the books. 
Well time is ticking but thank you for everything!! 

I sent a package home. Hopefully it will get to you. It was only 1.25 to send..... And it had a lot of stuff in it. We will see. 
Elder Wild

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